Useful Tips and Tricks for Car Dealership Salespeople

Useful Tips and Tricks for Car Dealership Salespeople

Worldwide car sales continue to increase. According to Statista, in 2021, automobile sales are expected to reach just under 70 million, which is an increase from the 63.8 million sales in 2020. Considering that the economy is currently in a recovery phase, this is impressive and shows that people love cars. 

The successful sale of a car is largely dependent on those in the middle: the car salespeople. Effective car salespeople are like gold dust for dealerships, as they help to send annual profits through the ceiling! However, there’s also a lot of pressure and demands that come with being a car salesman. There are sales targets to hit, people to please, and all sorts of other factors that can feel like a weight on your shoulders – but this article is here to help you!

Keep reading for some useful tips and tricks specifically intended for car salespeople. 

Know your employee rights

As was just mentioned, car salespeople are under a lot of pressure. 

Unfortunately, car companies and dealerships can take advantage of employees, such as by not paying them for overtime or (shockingly) paying under the minimum wage. In the 21st century, this simply isn’t acceptable!

Therefore, as an employee, you need to know your rights. If your automobile dealership is breaking the law and taking illegal advantage of you, you need to get legal help. Learn more about FLSA automotive exemption. 

Provide a customer-centric experience

When browsing and shopping for cars (used car sales are particularly popular at the moment), customers want to know that they’re in good hands – and it’s your responsibility to provide them with this experience. 

You should remove any money-motivated thoughts from your mind (for example, “If I sell this particular model to this married couple, I’ll get a huge bonus!”) and focus intently on genuinely helping the customers. Listen to every word they say, from the reasons why they want a new car to the type of model they’re looking for. Once they’ve told you all the relevant information, you can process it and guide them to the next stage, recommending a specific model (or models) to them. 

Remember to be as friendly as possible – but avoid being ‘overbearing’ and looking like you’re trying too hard to get a successful sale. Make it clear to customers that you care about their needs and nothing else. This way, you’ll get them on board and make them comfortable (which is half of the battle won!). 

Allow yourself to be motivated by promotions

In the automobile sales industry, promotions are a big deal. Salespeople who smash monthly targets are noticed by the hierarchy and are often approached with promotion offers.

If you’re happy to take on larger roles, you should use promotions as a motivation factor, which will give your career a clear path and direction moving forward.  

Report any bullying or harassment 

Sadly, the sales industry sometimes comes with internal bullying and harassment, often from fellow salespeople or higher-ups. If this happens to you, don’t hesitate to report it to management or HR, who will be able to handle your case! Also, it’s a smart idea not to post about any work-related matters on your social media accounts to avoid any potential flare-ups and further issues. Essentially, keep everything in-house!

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