The In-Demand Tech Jobs of the Future

The In-Demand Tech Jobs of the Future

Looking to retrain this year? Turn your attention to the tech sector. Even though office life is giving way to WFH culture, the IT industry is far from over. Here are the in-demand tech jobs you should shoot for to land work in the coming years.

Those of you in-the-know are already aware that we are living in Industry 4.0. What is this? The fourth industrial revolution. While the first few focused on coal, steam, electricity, and gas, the third focused on the internet. This most recent revolution carries the mass digitisation of the workforce at its core. It is the way forward into production, manufacturing, and countless other sectors. With so much growth, this is the ideal sector to retrain in to secure future work. 

Tech Jobs which will Prove Popular in the Coming Years

Want to stay ahead of the competition and kickstart your dream tech career sooner? Then pay attention. These top tech roles of the future might be the career you have been searching for.

Games Developer

A specific type of software developer, game developers write the code for video games. They do much more than that, too. They need to plot storylines, invent bad guys, and design the whole aesthetic for those games. Developing your skillset in unity jobs can help give you the best chance of successfully landing one of these roles. Unity skills began in 2005 and have impacted the whole games dev market along the way. Developing Unity skills is the quickest way to gain success in this sector.

The Software Developer

Software development plays a momentous role in everything digital that we do. For a program to work, it needs a developer to write the code for that program. Behind every app, every online platform, and every well-built website, there is a software developer complaining that they don’t get paid enough. A senior specialist software dev officer can earn upwards of $174k per year. That’s worth retraining for even if you don’t know anything about computers.

Cyber Security Specialists

The average data breach costs big businesses well into the millions of dollars right now. This figure will grow as digitisation completes its takeover. Cyber security has huge potential for growth right now. Statista already value the worldwide cyber security market at $139 million last year. They forecast an annual growth rate of 13.9%, which means the total market value by 2027 should top $289 billion. That’s a lot of money just for writing code to protect online spaces. 

The UX Designer

As businesses gain online traction, big brand attention will turn from digitisation to the user experience. UX designers work out how to make our websites faster, sleeker, and more responsive. They speed up online processes and browse your online presence as if they were a client to look for areas of concern. Once highlighted, the UX designer creates workable solutions to the issues. 

The Future is Technological

No matter which way you look at it, Industry 4.0 means there is no turning back now. The future is technological. Let’s learn how to work it.

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