The Definitive Guide to Specialist Yacht Crew Roles

The Definitive Guide to Specialist Yacht Crew Roles

Yacht owners and their guests are becoming increasingly demanding, expecting exceptional service levels coupled with unique offerings. The world’s most luxurious superyachts now offer sumptuous onboard amenities that require specialist yacht crew knowledge to cater to the demands of owners and charter guests. The world’s best yacht crew recruiters specifically search for crew with varied and specialists’ skills to offer enhanced onboard service levels. 

Here are just some of the additional skills the best yacht crew offer.

Specialist yacht crew 

 Yacht crew sommelier

 A trained sommelier offers a yacht, especially a charter yacht, enhanced value. A sommelier will often be incorporated into a yacht stew or stewardess role and will play a central role in food and beverage service. Sommeliers will be tasked with sourcing the world’s finest wines and rare vintages to cater to the needs of the most demanding oenophiles and may advise a yacht owner directly on what wines to purchase. They will also work closely with a yacht’s chef to deliver exceptional wine pairings at each meal.

 Yacht crew mixologist

Just like sommeliers, mixologists are an integral part of a yacht’s food and beverage team. Indeed, their popularity onboard has soared to such an extent that there is now a dedicated annual yacht crew mixology competition – the WORLDCLASS Yachting Cocktail Competition – which showcases crew members’ mixology skills. Mixologists will be responsible for ensuring the yacht is fully stocked with fine spirits and liquors, creating unique cocktails on-demand, and working with the yacht’s culinary team to create bespoke food and cocktail pairings.

 Yacht crew hairdresser

Hairdressing is a sought-after skill on yachts, especially on charter yachts. Hairdressers on board a boat will typically offer haircuts, blow dries, and beard trimming. Hairdressers may also provide haircuts to the crew when needed. A hairdresser is often a dual yacht stew/stewardess role, and they will be expected to help with general cleaning duties and meal service when not operating the hair salon.

Yacht crew yoga or meditation instructor

There is an increasing demand for specialist yacht crew wellness providers on the world’s finest yachts, with yoga or meditation instructors sought-after. Other unique skills that yacht crew recruiters look for include Pilates, reiki, and personal trainers. A yoga or meditation instructor is usually a dual yacht stew/stewardess role.

Yacht crew nurse

A  specialist yacht crew with medical training, such as a nurse, provides yacht owners and guests peace of mind, especially families with young children. Nurses are particularly sought-after on explorer yachts, where guests are likely to be involved in extreme sports in remote locations, such as heli-skiing, scuba diving, and ice climbing. A yacht nurse will be responsible for everyone’s health on board and, depending on the size of the vessel, may also work in a dual role as a stew/stewardess, assisting with service interior maintenance.

Yacht crew nanny

A trained nanny is often a sought-after yacht crew specialist skill, able to keep little ones entertained while parents enjoy downtime. A yacht nanny will be tasked with planning and executing fun and safe activities for children both onboard a yacht and on terra firma when the boat is moored. Duties will also typically include supervising bathing and dressing younger children, planning and supervising mealtimes in consultation with the yacht’s chef, and washing and ironing children’s clothes. Yachts can be dangerous for children, especially young children, so yacht nannies must ensure children are always supervised, making this a demanding role.

Yacht crew sushi chef

Most of the world’s luxury yachts include a trained chef. However, chefs with training in world cuisines are always sought-after. Sushi chefs are in demand, as well as specialist yacht crew who can work with exotic ingredients. A yacht chef is typically a full-time role.  They are responsible for provisioning and cooking for both the yacht owner and their guests, as well as the crew.

Multilingual yacht crew 

Yacht crew who can speak multiple languages will always be in demand, especially on charter yachts that will host guests from all around the world. English is the international language of the sea, so almost all yacht crew will need to be able to speak English fluently, however speaking a second, third, or even fourth language will give candidates a significant advantage. 

With in-depth knowledge of the yachting industry, an extensive network of contacts, and an understanding of the latest yachting trends, a yacht crew recruitment agency can source professional and specialist yacht crew, ensuring an enhanced onboard experience.

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