Termination: How to Recover from an Unexpected or Traumatic Job Loss

Termination: How to Recover from an Unexpected or Traumatic Job Loss

You might feel you have skills and work hard at your job. Maybe you keep the same position within your company for several years. Your boss might still terminate you suddenly, though.

Perhaps you did something the boss didn’t like, or maybe you did nothing wrong. Either way, termination can shock you. You must come back from it, and we will discuss how you’ll do that right now.

Check Out Workers’ Comp Benefits

If your boss fires you for cause, you might not get workers’ compensation benefits. You’ll have to look into that. Some states give you workers’ comp even if your boss fired you for cause. In other states, you won’t receive workers’ comp if you did something wrong that caused your firing.

Look into workers’ comp benefits following termination and make sure to collect if you’re eligible. You might need that money while you start your next job hunt.

Ask About a Severance Package

You can also ask your former company if they’ll give you a severance package. If they let you go because they’re downsizing rather than because you did something wrong, they’ll likely give you a compensation package.

They might give you pay for two more weeks or another month. Make sure you collect that money. You will likely need it for bills and other necessities until you find a new position for yourself.

Spruce Up Your Resume

You can also take this time and look over your resume. You might update it to reflect any new job skills you’ve obtained.

You can also ask your former employer if they will recommend you. If you left your last job with no hard feelings, your former boss might help you land a new position.

Look on Various Job Sites

You can look for new jobs on sites like Indeed and Monster. You can use LinkedIn as well. LinkedIn is a social media platform, but one where you can often find work. Some recruiters look at resumes and skill sets on LinkedIn and might reach out to you if you seem like you’d fit an open position.

You might also ask friends and family members if they know any companies hiring in your niche. You can walk in off the street and apply just as easily as you can apply online. You might print out several resume copies and hand them to company owners who seem receptive.

Speak to a Therapist if You Must

You might not find gainful employment again for some time. If your last boss terminated you without warning, maybe you feel betrayed and angry about that.

You may speak to a therapist if you need to vent about what happened. You can also talk to your spouse or partner about it. A family member might work as well.

In time, you should get a new job. Ideally, you’ll have a skill set that employers want, and you can get something suitable fairly quickly.

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