Summary Sunday Thanksgiving Slump

Summary Sunday: Thanksgiving Slump? | Career Sherpa

Could you have accomplished more this week? I know I could have.

There are days or weeks when we just don’t quite hit our goals.

That’s ok.

Monday starts a new week. You get a do-over.

To help get you ready for a new week, here are some articles:

  • Networking tips
  • Career advice for older workers
  • Job search challenge


How To Network Without Being Annoying | CNN

You’ll find networking advice to help you shift your thinking. Marcia Ballinger, author of “The 20-Minute Networking Meeting” suggests saying to yourself – ‘I want to reconnect with people, rebuild relationships, learn some things that will be valuable, share and contribute back.’


You’re Never Too Old to Pursue Your Dreams | Medium

For anyone who thinks they are too old to do something new, please, read this.


November Job Search Challenge – Week 4

November Job Search Challenge Week 4

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