Summary Sunday Job Seeker Choices

Summary Sunday: Job Seeker Choices

Each and every job seeker faces choices on how they’ll present themselves, what job search strategies to use, to what companies they’ll apply to.

What job seekers should understand is that some choices they make may have better outcomes than others. But as in all things job search, there is no “right” answer that works best for everyone. That is why you have to do the research and make the best and most informed decision based on your specific situation.

I hope reading this week’s Summary will help arm you with information that allows you to make the best choices for you and your unique circumstances.

This week’s topics include:

  • Vaccination status on resumes
  • Negotiating remote work
  • The Happiest Employees (Large and Small-Medium businesses)
  • Age and occupation interactive chart
  • Expressing gratitude at work
  • Jobvite’s 2021 Recruiter Nation report


Vaccination Status Discussion started by Lisa Rangel on LinkedIn

This discussion contains information that everyone should consider before deciding to add vaccination status to their resume. Your personal preference may not be as important as the preference of the industry, company and individual recruiter.

See these articles referenced in the thread to help you make up your own mind.

Vaccinations Status is the New Must-Have On Your Resume | Wall Street Journal

1/3 of hiring managers automatically eliminate resumes without vax status | ResumeBuilder

(This article also includes the industries of the recruiters surveyed)

Should Job Seekers Disclose Their Vaccination Status Upfront? | SHRM


How to Negotiate a Remote Work Arrangement | Harvard Business Review

See exactly how to present your request while negotiating your job offer.


Happiest Employees 2021 | Comparably

Working for a company that has happy employees is a dream for many job seekers. There are two lists – large employers and small to medium employers.

Happiest Employees 2021

Research shows that companies who make their employees feel valued through a variety of factors that make an employee happy, such as being paid fairly, having great perks and benefits, clear goals to be invested in, and a positive work environment, creates more loyal and productive workers.


Age and Occupation | FlowingData

This is a list of 529 occupations and the age ranges of employees. Clearly, some jobs attract workers early in their careers and others attract those later in their careers. Youngest- umpires, referees and other sports officials. Oldest – school bus drivers. Data from the American Community Survey for 2018 and 2019.


Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat Outage

Sometimes you just need a good laugh! As we were reminded this week, social media platforms impact our lives (personally and professionally). Another key take-away – do not put all your eggs in one basket. What if next time this happens to LinkedIn?


What Every Team Wants to Hear From Their Leader | Real Leaders

Leader or not, we all have opportunities to express gratitude and this advice will help you communicate better.


Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report 2021

See what recruiters are thinking and doing differently to attract talent. I’ll be diving into the key points for job seekers this upcoming week. This year’s report aims to help talent acquisition leaders understand:

  • Stress levels of recruiters today
  • Challenges in hiring quality talent
  • Importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives
  • Candidate evaluation factors and measurement
  • Effective benefit and perk offerings
  • How recruiters are using AI and automation