Summary Sunday Issue 501

Summary Sunday: Issue #501

What do you need to know about launching a new job search or reigniting your current search? This week’s summary has articles to help both.

In this issue of Summary Sunday (technically being delivered on Monday), you’ll find:

  • Over 40 articles by top job search experts
  • Best Fortune 250 employers
  • Stand out in your final interviews
  • Attract more recruiters on LinkedIn
  • Flexible work types
  • Rise in tech contractors
  • More age-friendly jobs
  • Radical transparency for recruiters
  • 2022 catch phrases

Please follow these talented writers and experts! And I wish you well during the “lost” week of December.


🗼 Top Job Search Articles of 2022 | JobMob

For many years, Jacob Share has invited those who write about job search to contribute their top post from the year. Over 40 experts contributed to the 2022 edition. You are going to want to bookmark this list of articles to help with every facet of your job search!

Top Fortune 250 Employers | Burning Glass Institute and Harvard Business School

Data from Fortune 250 companies was evaluated to identify companies that provide the best opportunities for advancement and pay. There are six different lists – Top Overall; Career Launchpad; Career Stability; Career Growth; Growing Talent; Advancement Without Degree. Each can be filtered by sector.


How can I stand out in the final interview? | Ask The Headhunter

Nick Corcodilos answers this popular job seeker question. His recommendation is bold and I hope you try it!


I’m a designer at LinkedIn. Here are 4 tips to attract more recruiters | UX Collective, Medium

Did you know your LinkedIn profile not only needs to use the right keywords, but also has to show you would be interested in the job? Thanks to Kelli Hrivnak for sharing this on LinkedIn.

” [LinkedIn’s] Recruiters matching algorithm uses a variety of signals to determine how likely a candidate is to be interested in switching jobs, such as turning on the ‘open to work’ feature, response rate to recruiters messages, and overall engagement on the platform.”


7 Types of Flexible Work Arrangements |

Flexible work is about freedom when and where you work. The choice is yours! Here are seven options to choose from.


Why tech’s hiring pendulum is swinging toward contractors | LinkedIn’s Workforce Insights

There has been a greater demand for tech-sector contractors. In January 2021, 5.7% of paid tech listings was for contractors and in October 2022, that number is now 19.9%. Yet the overall demand for contractors has remained somewhat consistent (and lower).

The rise of age-friendly jobs — and what employers need to know | MIT Sloane School of Management

Age-friendly jobs — which involve less physical exertion and more social and communication skills — are on the rise. But older workers don’t always benefit.

Hear The Talent People! Ep. 9: Radical Transparency with Gerry Crispin | Katrina Collier

This is a must-watch conversation about how recruiters should talk to applicants about salary and more. Industry legend & co-founder of CareerXroads, Gerry Crispin, joins Debi & Katrina to talk about how we need to get ahead of the trend to transparency and what the value of doing that would be.


From ‘quiet quitting’ to ‘career cushioning,’ here are the workplace trends that took 2022 by storm — and whether they’ll continue in 2023 | Business Insider

Thrilled to be quoted alongside Alexandria Leavitt, Jessica Krieger, S. Chris Edmonds. Thanks to Samantha Delouya.


How To Tell A Company You Have Another Offer (Simple)

Describe A Difficult Situation & How You Handled It (Tips)

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