Summary Sunday: Issue #496

Summary Sunday: Issue #496

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This summary is about taking control over the things you can and understanding trends you can use to your advantage.

As we head into the final months of the year, there’s the typical pattern of layoffs. Though like we’ve seen in the past few years, there’s nothing usual about these layoffs. They are messier and more unpleasant than usual. But the bright spot is that job seekers still have some power and influence.

In this week’s summary, you’ll find articles that address:

  • Actions to take after a layoff
  • Apply for jobs if you meet more than half the requirements
  • Holiday networking tips
  • Survivor’s guilt is real
  • Good-bye email samples
  • Soft skills training success story
  • Salary disclosure laws Q&A
  • Workforce Trends for 2023
  • Ambition and trust

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Laid Off? Here’s How to Get Back to Work | Career Impressions

Follow these recommended actions by Adrienne Tom if you have recently been laid off.

Apply Anyway: The Truth On Requirements in Job Descriptions | 3 Ears Media

Take this advice from recruiter, Katrina Kibben. And women, we’re talking to you – “Study after study shows that women will only apply when they meet 100% of the requirements in job postings while men will apply if they meet only 60% of the qualifications.”


7 Tips to Brush Up Your Small Talk | Toastmasters International

Just in time for the holidays! For those who struggle or want to refresh their conversational skills, these tips will make it easier to get a conversation going.


How to navigate survivor’s guilt, in wake of layoffs | Worklife

For those who still have jobs after a layoff, keep this in mind: “It’s helpful knowing other people are having the same feelings as you are. It helps you not feel isolated and alone” -Dr. Anisha Patel-Dunn

Sample Goodbye Emails to Colleagues | CareerBright

It’s your last day on the job and sending a goodbye email is one of the last items to check off your list. Get tips and see sample goodbye emails to make a memorable departure and keep in touch with past colleagues.

It’s time to teach empathy and trust with the same rigor as we teach coding | Fast Company

Only 20% of Fortune 500 companies offer soft skills training. And when they do, they are short-term. There’s a new program being offered to engineers that’s getting results. But for any training to work, you need these three things first!


Salary Disclosure Laws Can Help Create Pay Equity | HR Bartender

There are currently five states (CA, CO, CT, MD, and NY) that require employers to share pay ranges. This Q&A with Vicki Salemi, Monster’s career expert, digs into salary disclosure. It’s good insight for job seekers and HR.


Workplace Trends 2023 | Glassdoor and Indeed

Indeed and Glassdoor economists share and examine five trends of the modern workplace that will reshape the labor market in the long-term. While the findings aren’t new, they are backed up by data.

Trust – The Next Leadership Crisis | Future Perfect: Work and Careers newsletter

A thought-provoking read about how we define ambition. Dorothy Dalton summarizes “Leaders have to trust employees to deliver results which means create new benchmarks for assessing ambition, which underpins corporate career paths to leadership roles.”


30 Tips For Your First Day Of Work: Preparing For Success

Should I Quit My Job? How To Make The Decision (Simple)

Laid off and looking webinar

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