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Summary Sunday: Issue #493 | Career Sherpa

It’s important to diversify your job search activities. It’s also important to diversify the sources you use to get job search information.

This week’s summary contains resources to help you broaden your thinking and approach to job search and managing your career. It includes:

  • Resume Trends
  • 2 great newsletters you should know about
  • Why quiet quitting is absurd
  • LinkedIn changes for internal job seekers
  • Remote meeting tools

I hope you find some new ideas and voices to follow in this week’s summary.

PS: For the record, I am not quitting Twitter. I’ve always loved the format and even though it’s under new leadership, I’m hopeful it will remain a valuable tool and not a “free-for-all hellscape, where anything can be said with no consequences!”


Executive Resume Trends for 2023 | Adrienne Tom

Wouldn’t you love to know what makes a great resume? This is a compilation of resume tips from professional resume writers. Use this as a checklist when updating your resume!


These are two newsletters I consistently read top to bottom! Hung Lee curates content for recruiters and it contains job search trends too. Sarah Johnston’s newsletter contains helpful articles and tips for job seekers. Both are extremely valuable to me and I’m sure they will be to you too.

Recruiting Brainfood for the week ahead – Issue #315 | Hung Lee

Briefcase Coach’s Career Briefs: Job Search Smarter! Oct 26, 2022 | Sarah Johnston


All This Talk About “Quiet Quitting” Is Absurd | Slate

Alison Green writes: “The whole narrative of “quiet quitting”—that doing only the basics of your job and nothing more is somehow akin to resigning—is the kind of thinking that lets employers take advantage of employees in the first place.” See what employees are saying about their work situations and why they are no longer going “above and beyond.” 


Internal Candidate Spotlight for Recruiters | Donna Svei

If you are employed and want to be considered for a new job inside your current company, you should read about this new feature on LinkedIn and take the suggested actions.


Jobvite Employ Quarterly Insights Report | Q3 2022

Jobvite and Employ partnered to survey what employers are doing to attract candidates and where they are investing time and money. This is helpful information to use to adjust your job search.

This report also features the recent sentiments of 1,202 recruiting and HR decision-makers and was conducted in June 2022.


6 Tools To Supercharge Your Remote Meetings | Donna Schidler Coaching

Are you familiar with these 6 functions and do you use them in your virtual meetings? We know how challenging virtual meetings can be but these functions make online meetings more engaging. (This is part 3 of a series of articles about virtual meeting management.)


How To Answer Exit Interview Questions: Examples & Tips

Why Am I Not Getting Interviews? 15 Common Reasons

“How Did You Hear About This Position?” Example Answers

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