Summary Sunday Issue 492

Summary Sunday: Issue #492

Do you have a trusted source of information regarding your job search?

It can be overwhelming to scroll through posts on LinkedIn or search the internet for answers to your job search questions.

That’s why, each week, I compile top articles from sources I trust and respect. If you don’t already follow these sources and people quoted, I hope you will.

This week’s summary includes information about:

  • Signs a layoff is coming
  • Retiring in stages
  • Predictions for the future workforce
  • Actions after a downsizing
  • LinkedIn profile tips for retirees


Don’t be the last person to know about layoffs | Fast Company

Here are five indications that your company just might have a round of layoffs on the horizon. Don’t dismiss them.


How to Retire in Stages (and Why You Should) | Life Hacker

Fully retiring may not be financially sustainable. That’s one of the top reasons to partially retire. See what to think about and examples of semi-retirement.

The New Longevity Isn’t Coming. It’s Here. | Yahoo! Life

In 2040, almost half of the country’s citizens are in their forties or older. See the predictions and steps are that are being taken to address the changing nature of the workforce. It’s certainly worth all of us thinking about.


How To Quickly Rebound From A Layoff | Forbes

See what you need to do after receiving notification that your job has ended. Robin Ryan outlines the steps to take to help you during the difficult transition to a new job, with a little advice from me.

Why You Need a Post-Retirement LinkedIn Profile | Next Avenue

Be clear about why you are on LinkedIn if you are “retired”. A Q&A by Nancy Collamer featuring tips from Ashley Watkins, Hal Flantzer, and me.


How To Ask For A Promotion: The Complete Guide For 2022

How To Explain Gaps In Employment: Tips & Examples

23 Leadership Interview Questions & Answers To Practice

And here’s a bonus – job search checklist


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