Summary Sunday Issue 491

Summary Sunday: Issue #491

When you surround yourself with smart, talented people, you increase your own knowledge and value. That’s what I get from curating content on Twitter and other social media. You can too!

In this week’s summary, you’ll find articles to help you grow and be better too! The topics include:

  • Networking with recruiters
  • Insights from a recruiter
  • Interview follow up
  • Remote work trends report
  • Quarterly stats about hiring
  • Problems with our thinking
  • Positive thinking challenge

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How To Network With Recruiters On LinkedIn | Recruiting In Yoga Pants

Amy Miller reshared her article with a template and clear instructions on how to write an email to a recruiter. It’s important to understand that when working with overworked, stressed recruiters, you have to be very clear about what you are looking for.

Insights from an Executive Recruiter: Q&A | Career Impressions

Adrienne Tom interviews Arpad Szakal of Cormis Partners Executive Search. Get questions answered about how to successfully work with a recruiter, what they do and don’t do, and how to find them.


Job Search Shorts: Interview Follow Up | 3Plus International

Straight-forward reminders about how you can keep your job search moving forward by following up.


Remote Work: A Win-Win-Win for Employees, Employers, and the Economy | ZipRecruiter

See who is offering remote work, where it’s expanding and where it’s not. This report explores the latest remote work trends in job search and hiring, drawing on data from the ZipRecruiter marketplace and from ZipRecruiter surveys. 

ICYMI: The Top 10 Stats Employers Should Know About Hiring in the Current Labor Market | Jobvite

Use these 10 insights to make yourself a better job seeker. The Employ Quarterly Insights Report was created to help companies and talent acquisition professionals make sense of today’s chaotic labor market, providing actionable insights for talent teams to improve their hiring efforts.


6 Ways You’re Thinking Wrong–and What You Can Do About Them | Inc.

We all have thinking problems. Psychology professor and author, Woo-Kyoung Ahn, provides examples of our flawed thinking and strategies to help figure out which things we can’t control, and how solutions that might seem promising can ultimately backfire.

Are You Down in the Dumps? Take This Challenge | Frank Sonnenberg

Negative thinking can hurt your career and job search. For the next week, Sonnenberg challenges you “to be optimistic, love life, serve as an inspiration, and make a positive difference.”


Tweet from John Esperion

A new-to-me tool for job seekers. JobSeer provides insight for your job search. It includes skills match, referral finder and company insights. All at no cost. Available as an app or Chrome extension. Thanks for sharing this Jo Weech.


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