Summary Sunday Issue 490

Summary Sunday: Issue #490

One of the things that makes job search easier is understanding the process and knowing what to do at the right time. While there are no absolutes and there are a lot of “it depends” sometimes just learning about the options is important.

This week’s summary includes articles to help fill the gaps in your knowledge of what’s going on in job search.

  • Follow-up emails
  • Interview follow up
  • Answering salary questions
  • Quitting jobs sooner
  • Workforce report
  • Recession
  • Career exploration tool
  • Survey of managers
  • Difficult conversations

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3 Tactics To Increase Job Follow-Up Email Replies | Lisa Rangel on LinkedIn

Lisa Rangel explains how and why follow-up during job search is important.

4 Must Dos for Interview Follow Up | Mac’s List

Follow-up after an interview lies in your hands. Use these four guidelines to ensure you follow-up.


Salary FAQs | Recruiting In Yoga Pants

Amy Miller has compiled some helpful links and scripts (below) to help you feel more EMPOWERED when it comes to discussing money with recruiters.


Forget ‘quiet quitting’ — many workers are still outright quitting their jobs as quickly as possible | LinkedIn Workforce Insights Newsletter

The Short Tenure Rate is increasing in a wide range of jobs… employees are choosing to leave within the first year. Maybe this will be the new normal. Why hold on to a job that isn’t right?

Workers in white-collar jobs have shortening tenures. If you are in tech, financial services or professional services, you’ll notice your coworkers are leaving sooner. “Today, workers are still leaving their roles more quickly than last year, but that growth has been slowing.”

LinkedIn Workforce Report | United States | October 2022

Hiring is slowing down according to the newest reporting from LinkedIn. “The industries with the most notable hiring shifts month-to-month in September 2022 were Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage (0.8% higher); Utilities (0.4% lower); and Consumer Services (1% lower).”

But there’s this insight

So are we or aren’t we headed for a recession? Here’s what all the people worth listening to think | Fast Company

Many economists are predicting a recession that will last at least a year. But this isn’t just a US recession, this will be a global recession. See why this is so hard to predict and what influences could send us into a recession.


My Skills My Future | Career OneStop

Looking for new career ideas? This tool can help you explore careers with similar skillsets.


The Future Of The Digital Workplace: A Survey Of American Managers |

3,000 managers were surveyed about how the digital workplace has impacted their business, and what the future holds for the remote workforce.


Talk it Out: 3 Templates for Having Tricky Conversations With Your Boss | The Muse

Here’s how to talk to your boss about negative feedback, stiffled growth, and your departure. This are difficult conversations worth having!


Let’s get rid of hiring interview question clichés | PeopleHum

Some interview questions should just be eliminated. See what many career experts are saying.


How To Answer “Why Are You Interested In This Position?”

21 Common Second Interview Questions & Answers (2022)

33 Phone Interview Tips To Help You Prepare & Impress

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