Summary Sunday Issue 489

Summary Sunday: Issue #489

Every job search is unique. However, there are some basic strategies and best practices that apply to almost everyone.

In my summaries, I try to share articles that answer common job search questions and topics job seekers should know about. In this week’s summary, you’ll find articles about:

  • Updates to your LinkedIn profile
  • Pay attention to LinkedIn settings
  • How to write a strong networking letter
  • How to reach out to a hiring manager
  • Ways to handle transitions
  • Flexible work is in demand
  • Remote work survey results (some may surprise you)

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7 Easy LinkedIn Profile Updates to Drive Results for Job Seekers | Briefcase Coach

Read about these important parts of your profile and why you need to update them by Sarah Johnston.

LinkedIn Privacy Settings | Ed Han

How familiar are you with Settings & Privacy controls on LinkedIn? Quick tips from recruiter, Ed Han. Review your settings here.

LinkedIn settings by Ed Han


Why Every Job Seeker Needs a Networking Letter (and How to Write One) | Jenny Foss LinkedIn Newsletter – Steer Your Career

“The networking letter is a tool you can use to spell out, in detail, what you’re looking for, and how, exactly, your people can help.” See examples and be ready to write your next letter.


Questions To Ask During Your Next Interview

Feel free to adapt these questions during your upcoming interview. You can see more here.

Interview questions to ask employers


Can I use Twitter to reach a hiring manager? | Ask The Headhunter

If you want to reach a hiring manager, should you reach out on Twitter? Maybe. Nick Corcodilos has other ideas too.


This Is The Best Way To Handle Big Transitions In Life: 6 Secrets From Research | Barking Up The Wrong Tree Blog

Thanks to Donna Svei for sharing this valuable article by Eric Baker about handling change during your career.


Americans are embracing flexible work—and they want more of it | McKinsey

McKinsey along with Ipsos surveyed 25,000 Americans in spring 2022. See six charts that clearly illustrate the findings.

The State Of Remote Work In 2022: A Survey Of The American Workforce | GoodHire

Based on a survey of 3,500 adult Americans – GoodHire asked if they still refused to return to the office; what they felt about pay cuts and the possibility of accepting reduced benefits in order to continue their current WFH job status; and an array of other questions about remote work in 2022 and beyond.

PS: Many of these findings I find troubling and perhaps sending workers’ rights in the wrong direction. But, it’s a survey that has attracted much attention.


What We Like About LinkedIn (What’s New) – Peak Careers


Tips For Answering “What Is Your Leadership Style?”

Do You Want To Tell Us Anything Else About You? (Answers)

The Right Way To Answer “What Are You Most Proud Of?”

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