Summary Sunday Issue 488

Summary Sunday: Issue #488 | Career Sherpa

As we all know, searching for a new job is never as easy as scouring the job boards and applying. That’s why job seekers get frustrated and discouraged.

Each week, my summary is a collection of articles written about what I consider to be important topics related to career and job search.

These have been shared on Twitter and have also been popular there.

This week’s collection of articles includes:

  • Add more luck to your job search
  • Matching skills to jobs
  • New job search tool by Glassdoor and Indeed
  • Asking for a raise


How to Become “Lucky” in Your Career and Life | Psychology Today

Happenstance is usually defined as a circumstance that occurs by chance, serendipity, or luck. Here’s how to use it to get a new job!

Which Jobs Match Your Skills? 8 Ways to Find a Career Match | FlexJobs

Here are different ways you can find the next right job for you. Too often we focus on job titles. But that doesn’t always work. Try one or all of these.

Ready To Work tool by Glassdoor and Indeed

One stop to get help for your job search, no matter where you are in your career. From launching your very first job search to interviewing for a job… you’ll find resources to help.
PS: I haven’t tested this yet so any feedback would be welcome!


How to Ask for a Raise | The Balance

Alison Doyle provides advice on what steps you should take to ask for a raise in 2022.


How To Get A Job In Another State: The Complete Guide

Answering “What Do You Like To Do For Fun?” The Right Way

How To Ask For Feedback After A Job Rejection (Properly)

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