Summary Sunday Issue 485

Summary Sunday: Issue #485

As we head into Labor Day, it’s a good reminder to take care of your needs. This Summary Sunday has things for you to consider for your career health and well-being.

This week’s Summary Sunday has articles to help you manage your career. Each week I curate articles that I’ve shared on social media and make an impact. The topics this week include:

  • Should you use LinkedIn’s “career break” for your current job?
  • A step-by-step guide to informational interviews
  • No-cost courses on social media strategies
  • Three things a recession could change in the workplace

I hope you enjoy these articles and be sure to follow the authors for more excellent content.


Using “Career Break” As Current Job On LinkedIn | Kevin D. Turner

Understand the logic of the database LinkedIn has created so you know how to best present your current work situation.


How to Ask for (& Make the Most of) an Informational Interview | Jenny Foss (JobJenny) LinkedIn Newsletter

Straight forward guide on how you can benefit, how to ask someone for an informational interview, and what to do once they’ve said yes.


35 Free Social Media and Marketing Courses to Elevate Your Skills in 2022 | Buffer

If you find your social media skills are lacking or you want to update your knowledge, check out these no-cost courses.


A Recession May Trigger These 3 Conflicts At Work | Fast Company

As an employee, be aware of these potential changes at your company and think about what is most important to you so you can depart if necessary.

  • Unsustainable incentives
  • Reduced upward mobility
  • Return-to-office tensions


17 Good Questions To Ask A Recruiter In 2022

How Many Candidates Make It To The Final Interview?

How To Message Someone On LinkedIn About A Job (Simple)

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