Summary Sunday Issue 484

Summary Sunday: Issue #484

This week’s summary calls out the mix of concerns businesses face and how they are responding. It also addresses things you can do to better prepare for a job search.

I don’t want you to panic about what’s going on in the workforce. I want you to be prepared and take the necessary actions.

I want you to be aware of what’s going on in your organization so you can take the appropriate actions.

This week’s summary includes articles about:

  • Top salary research sites
  • Maximizing LinkedIn (for free)
  • Cost cutting measures
  • PwC’s Pulse Survey
  • Show your Emotional Intelligence


30 Best Salary Sites To Know Your Worth in 2022 | Teal

Many of these sites are free to use. Research salary now to make sure you understand your value.


Using More of LinkedIn’s Free Features | Tony Restell on LinkedIn

In this edition of “Winning business on LinkedIn”, you’ll find tips from Mark White, David Petherick and Beth Granger on how to get better at LinkedIn searches, leverage the Featured section and use the newsletter function. These tips should help boost the visibility and results you achieve.


Startups Are Slashing Costs as Big Companies Keep Spending, New Survey Shows | The Org

Layoffs at startups in the tech industry are happening, but many are also implementing other cost savings measures. Learn more.

PwC Pulse Survey: Managing business risks | PwC

“Businesses are cautiously optimistic about their growth heading into the final third of 2022. Hanging on to talent is a central risk for companies, yet they are taking steps to streamline their workforces. Cyber threats, meanwhile, have emerged as a top concern for the entire C-suite and board.”

Dive into this research to better understand the challenges executive leaders are facing.


6 Super Effective Ways to Show Your Emotional Intelligence at Work | Inc.

“Companies are placing a high value on people with EQ for several reasons that lead to competitive advantage. For example, they cooperate better with others, are exceptional listeners, are open to feedback, and show more empathy.” How well do you convey your Emotional Intelligence?


How Many Candidates Make It To The Final Interview?

“Tell Me About A Time You Went Above & Beyond” (Answers)

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? (Best Answers To Use)

How To Respond To A Job Rejection Email (With Samples)

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