Summary Sunday Issue 482

Summary Sunday: Issue #482

Managing your job search and career isn’t as easy as it once was. It takes strategy and discipline. Each weekly roundup helps you stay up to date on how to manage your time, effort and energy.

In this week’s summary, you’ll find articles about:

  • Who’s looking and quitting
  • What kind of work employees want
  • What not to use your work computer for
  • Accountability tips

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Despite recession, more than 20% of workers to look for new job – Human Resources Director

Get a glimpse of which types of workers are more likely to quit and which employers are laying off or slowing down their hiring.

Instead Of Hybrid, Remote Or In-Office Work Styles, This May Be A Better Option – Wecruitr

No matter which option a company chooses, it comes down to trust. Trust by the employer and trust by the worker.


Three Things You Should Never Do on a Work Computer – Life Hacker

Your work computer is not yours! These are three things you should not do from your work computer!

How to Hold Yourself Accountable – Frank Sonnenberg

Whether it’s job search, managing your career or any other goal you set for yourself, here are tips and reminders for how to hold yourself accountable.


AT&T is hosting #CareerChat on Twitter August 10

#careerchat Aug 10 hosted by LifeatAT&T

From 12-1pm Central Time on August 10, search and follow the #CareerChat hashtag on Twitter to get answers, tips and advice to job search questions. I will be joined by a handful of other great career coaches.


Hannah Morgan: How Your Visibility and Branding Will Impact Your Second-Act Career – The Second Act Show

Thanks to John Tarnoff and Kerry Hannon for this interview about building and managing your only visibility.


8 Ways to Land An Interview Without a Resume

Lisa Rangel and I each share 4 tips on how to land a job without a resume.

“Tell Me About A Time You Went Above & Beyond” (Answers)

17 Job Interview Do’s And Don’ts You Need To Know

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