Summary Sunday Issue 479

Summary Sunday: Issue #479

Job search for older workers comes with a unique set of challenges. See how to address some of them in this week’s Summary Sunday.

The hot job market is luring older job seekers back. Plus inflation. Plus the availability of remote work (or safer work environments).

It’s no surprise that “‘Unretirements’ continue to rise. As of April 2022, 3.3% of workers who were retired a year earlier are now employed.” According to Indeed.

If you are over 50, this week’s Summary Sunday has information you can use to get back to work:

  • Executive job search tips
  • Visibility and personal branding for older workers
  • Rise of remote work
  • Preference for remote work


It’s Ageism by Lisa Rangel on LinkedIn

Rangel shares why securing a new job later in your career requires a different strategy. The reason you aren’t getting hired may not be age bias, it may be because you aren’t using the right approach. Check out the comments for more insight and help.

How Your Visibility and Branding Will Impact Your Second-Act Career | John Tarnoff and Kerry Hannon

Visibility and your personal brand are important for older job seekers. During this recorded live conversation, we talk about things impacting older job seekers.

If you prefer, you can watch on Youtube.


Ed Han’s #jobsearch #tip4day


LinkedIn Shares New Insights into the Rise of Remote Job Postings [Infographic] | Social Media Today

These 3 industries have the most remote job openings, as of April 2022:

  • Technology, information & media, 41.2% of all jobs
  • Education, 29.0%
  • Administrative and support services, 27.4%

CareerBuilder Survey Showcases the Value of Remote Work | Yahoo Finance

“When evaluating job opportunities, 77% of employed job seekers place at least some importance on the option for remote work with 21% saying it’s absolutely essential when determining if a role is right for them.”

[Thanks to Donna Svei for sharing this and other great articles on Twitter!]


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