Summary Sunday Issue 477

Summary Sunday: Issue #477 | Career Sherpa

Could it be that the job market is slowing down? What does that mean for job seekers? Read this and find out.

In this week’s summary, you’ll find articles that address the ever-changing job market:

  • Tips for older workers
  • Interviewing and negotiating tips
  • New graduate offering by LinkedIn and Amazon
  • Hiring advice from Josh Bersin
  • Boomerang hiring
  • Startup news
  • Rebuilding trust

I hope you enjoy these and discover some new resources to help you manage your job search and career.


‘Unretirements’ Continue to Rise as More Workers Return to Work | Indeed

The tight labor market, in combination with waning COVID-19 concerns and high inflation, are leading more people to leave retirement and reenter the workforce.

Marci Alboher: Collaborating Across Generations | The Second Act Show

Kerry Hannon and John Tarnoff discuss topics specific to older workers. In this episode, they discuss how the different generations can work together.


When the Interviewer Does All the Talking | Thea Kelly

Concrete tips on what to do when the person interviewing you is overly talkative.

Negotiating a job offer works: 85% of Americans who counteroffered were successful. Here’s how to do it | CNBC

Asking for more money or PTO isn’t going to force the employer to rescind the offer. If you do it the right way. Here are some quick negotiating tips.


Here’s how to kickstart your career | Official LinkedIn Blog

LinkedIn and Amazon want to turbocharge your efforts to find that dream role, so they’ve teamed up to offer a free six-month LinkedIn Premium subscription to new and existing Amazon Prime Student members.


The Market Slows: What Should Employers Do? | Josh Bersin

Bersin suggests employers need to focus on selecting the right candidates. Read his hiring tips and think about what these mean for your job search.

Boomerang Employees: Just Another Trend? |Lensa

There’s nothing wrong with returning to a previous employer. See the benefits and why it’s popular.

Iterate | The Org

This is billed as “Stories behind the world’s top startups.” You’ll find articles and news about startups within these categories:

Tech Moves
Top Startups
People & Culture
Org Design
Startup Toolkit


How To Rebuild Trust On A Team | David Burkus

Working virtually can take its toll on trust in the workplace. Here are 5 ways to rebuild it.


The 29 Best Recession-Proof Jobs To Have In 2022

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