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One of the best ways to stay current with trends in your occupation and the workplace is to talk with people. The next best way is to read the thoughts, insights and ideas of experts and practitioners.

Every week, I invest hours reading and talking to people about trends in job search and careers to bring you some insight. How are you staying current?

Summary Sunday Issue 475

In this week’s summary, you’ll find articles to help your job search, career and life! Advice and tips about:

  • Interviewing
  • LinkedIn
  • Finding age-friendly employers
  • Managing stress

As you review these articles, be sure to follow the sources to ensure you are staying up-to-date!


Sage Interviewing Advice from 5 Recruiters | Things Career Related

Recruiters answer some popular questions. You’ll find their answers on how to:

  • Prepare for video interviews
  • Understand how to answer the questions that will be asked
  • Think of intelligent questions to ask the interviewers
  • Know how to answer the salary questions
  • Follow up with your recruiter


Ability To Add Skills Under Each Experience In Your Profile | Kenneth Lang

Do you want to be crystal clear about when you applied a specific skill? LinkedIn is rolling out a new option that lets you specify the skills you learned in a specific experience you list. Kenneth’s post explains how based on Kevin Turner’s announcement.

Keeping your feed relevant and productive | LinkedIn Blog

Every once in a while, LinkedIn writes about some of its new features. In this article, you’ll learn about ways to keep your feed (what you see on your home page of LinkedIn), authentic and useful.


5 Ways to Find an Age-Friendly Employer | Next Avenue

As an older worker, one way to reduce age bias is to pursue employers that are age-friendly. Here are some tips on how to find those companies.


Managers, What Are You Doing About Change Exhaustion? | Harvard Business Review

We’ve been through a lot of change. These tips for managers are also things we can do for ourselves to help ease the stress.

If interviewing for a new job, you may want to explore how your new manager leads their team through stress and change.


How To Avoid The ‘Great Regret’ When Switching Jobs | Forbes

Why are some people dissatisfied with their recent career move? Before you take a new job, be sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.


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