Summary Sunday: Issue #472

Job search can be isolating and lonely. It’s up to you to find colleagues who can help guide you through the process.

This is why, each week, I share articles and information to help job seekers feel less alone and more informed.

Summary Sunday Issue 472

I participated in an event to help Ukrainian HR professionals this week (see link below). These talented and strong men and women are looking for jobs in the midst of a war. If you know of remote HR opportunities, please get in touch with me.

Ukraine HR professionals by Dorothy Dalton

In this week’s summary, you will find information on:

  • Networking for introverts
  • Warning about LinkedIn’s Resume Assistant
  • Improving your LinkedIn home feed
  • A job search newsletter
  • How to highlight transferable skills

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How to Be a Better Networker As an Introvert | Shelley Piedmont

Whether networking in-person or virtually, this post provides tips and suggestions to make it easier for introverts (or anyone)!


How LinkedIn’s Resume Assistant Can Negatively Impact Your Personal Brand | Executive Career Brand

Are you giving the world permission to plagiarize your resume? Learn how to turn OFF this LinkedIn setting.

My #LinkedIn #tip4day: if your news feed is off brand, you can fix it! | Ed Han on LinkedIn

If you don’t enjoy the content in your LinkedIn feed, learn what you can do to fix it. Be sure to read all the comments to learn valuable tricks and tips!


Sarah Johnston’s The “Briefs” Job Search Newsletter April 14 | Briefcase Coach

Sarah does a wonderful job highlighting important job search topics. If you like it, subscribe!

Great news for anyone looking to make a career pivot in 2022. | Teal

70% of employers are willing to hire and train someone with transferable skills (according to Monster’s Future of Work report). Read this thread to understand how to highlight your skills.


Pay transparency: How ending the secrecy could erase inequities and change the workplace | WXXI

New York City is enacting a pay transparency law in May and several other states already offer this. Thank you to Beth Adams for quoting me.

Helping HR Professionals From Ukraine

Dorothy Dalton and Kateryna Kovalevska put together an event to help Ukrainian HR and recruiters find new jobs. If you have opportunities please consider hiring a remote Ukrainian worker!

10 Reasons Why You Should Continue to Use LinkedIn After You’ve Landed a Job | Bob McIntosh on LinkedIn


follow-up call after interview
How to not be nervous for an interview
7 Things You Must Know About Getting Referred for a Job

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