Summary Sunday Issue 469

Summary Sunday: Issue #469

Job search will test your communication and decision making skills. It will also be a challenge to your persistence.

In this week’s summary, you’ll see articles that I hope will enlighten and educate you on some of the finer aspects of job search.

  • Messages to help you stay in touch with hiring managers
  • Email subject lines that catch attention
  • Interviewing red flags
  • Discussing salary
  • Valuable skills
  • Work from home research

Follow the authors and publications mentioned below to help you keep current with job search trends and to enhance your skills.


5 ways to revive that job offer that COVID-19 put on hold | Fast Company

Susan Peppercorn lays out the steps her client took after the company she interviewed implemented a hiring freeze. These 5 steps are things any job seeker could try after meeting someone or a delayed interview process.

Awesome Email Subject Lines Job Seekers Are Using For Results | Job Mob

Jacob Share invited recruiters on Twitter to share the answer to this question: “Of all emails you’ve ever had from job seekers, which had the best title?” See what they said the best email subject lines were.


Signs that a potential employer may be ‘trying to hide something,’ and other interviewing red flags | Grow

Is your future employer trying to hide something from you and other signs to watch out for during the interview process?


When to Tell Your Coworkers Your Salary (and When You Shouldn’t) | LifeHacker

With more cities and states instituting salary transparency laws, it’s a good time to think about this.

Meredith Dietz writes “Before you dive into sharing numbers, be strategic about having a larger discussion first. Open the doors to chatting with your coworkers about why you think pay transparency is something you all should strive toward.”

5 most valuable skills to learn in 2022—and where to find free online courses | CNBC

Scott Steinberg lists the 5 skills he feels are vital moving forward plus where to find free training.


Work From Home Briefing – March 2022 | WFHResearch

I stumbled on this site and research not too long ago. It’s a good way to keep track of WFH trends. There is much more data than this to dive into in the March research summary.

benefits of working from home vs in office


12 Years Ago I posted this on Facebook. How did I know?


The 9 Best LinkedIn Recommendation Examples & Templates

How Many Jobs Should I Apply For? [Answered]

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