Summary Sunday: Issue 468

Summary Sunday: Issue #468

Your job search doesn’t end when you land a new job. And there’s data to prove this in this week’s summary.

A recent survey by The Muse found that 72% of 2,500 respondents were either surprised or regretted to find out that the position or company was very different from what they were led to believe.

The survey points to a change in how younger workers view their committments and relationships with the employer.

What will this mean for you?

Even when you do secure a new job, it will not last forever.

What will you do to consistently monitor the market for new and better jobs?

This week’s Summary includes articles about:

  • Remorse after accepting a new job
  • Ways to evaluate skills
  • How to prepare for a job interview
  • LinkedIn’s Future of Skills feature
  • An email hack


72% of Muse Survey Respondents Say They’ve Experienced “Shift Shock” | The Muse

“Shift Shock” is defined as “that feeling when you start a new job and realize, with either surprise or regret, that the position or company is very different from what you were led to believe.”

And there are clearly a lot of people who feel this way!

72 Percent of Workers Regret Resigning–and It’s Not Their Fault | Inc.

Susan Lucas dives into what HR (or the employer) can do to prevent this regret.

For job seekers, the take-away is to do some thorough questioning and research in the areas mentioned in this article to ensure you get what you expect.


8 ways to discover which jobs exactly match your skills | Fast Company

Instead of searching for job titles, try searching for jobs that use your top skills. This article lists 8 ways to uncover those top skills!


How to Answer a Job Interview’s ‘Why’ Questions | Korn Ferry

Are you really prepared to answer these 3 types of “why” questions during your next job interview? One survey found that 50% of candidates were not prepared for their job interviews.


Future of Skills Overview | Kevin D. Turner

In Kevin’s LinkedIn post, he notifies us of the newest feature on LinkedIn.

“[Future of Skills] free interactive analytic tool allows Members to easily identify the Top 10 Skills within a selected Title, Industry, and Location.”

Check out Future of Skills here.


You’re using email wrong |

Is your inbox overwhelming you? Consider using this method to better organize the emails you receive. Many thanks to Hung Lee’s Recruiting Brainfood newsletter for highlighting this!


Conversation with Colleagues – Nii Ato Bensti-Enchill

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