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Summary Sunday: Issue #467 | Career Sherpa

Every day I find interesting research on job search and careers. Why? Because I want to understand what’s going on and help job seekers secure a new job faster! That’s what Summary Sunday is all about!

In this week’s summary, you’ll find articles and resources to help you better understand the job search process.

  • Thank you examples and templates
  • Resume research tip
  • ATS myths debunked
  • Why employees are still quitting
  • Reasons execs want you back in the office
  • Generalist vs Specialist

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Best Thank-You Letter Examples and Templates | The Balance Careers

There are many reasons to send a follow up email during your job search – this article includes many different types of thank you messages!

Resume Research Tip

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Why You Shouldn’t Blame Artificial Intelligence for Poor Recruiting Processes | Inc.

Is it the people in talent acquisition or the ATS that is rejecting candidates due to minor flaws in their applications, such as gaps in their work histories, failing to meet a long list of job requirements, or failing to use the language of the job description on their resume?

Read and learn!

Applicant Tracking Systems: Facts vs Fiction

Sonal Bahl chats with recruiter and job seeker advocate, Ed Han, about how ATS really work!


It’s not just money. This is what’s still driving the Great Resignation | Fast Company

“Something organizations need to become more mindful about is how work and personal life now blend, and the role employers must play in supporting the whole person, not just the worker.“ – Jim Harter, Gallup

  • 42% of the reasons people are quitting are tied to how they feel about their bosses and organizational cultures – workers feel they aren’t growing, appreciated, or treated with care and respect
  • 21% boils down to well-being – employees’ feelings about their work-life balance, work schedules, and their ability to work remotely some of the time

Making sense of why executives are eager to get employees back in the office | CNBC

“Three-quarters of all executives reported they want to work from the office three to five days a week, compared with about one-third of employees.”

These are some of the issues on both sides of the discussion:

  • Shared goals vs group think
  • A need for socialization
  • Visibility = greater sense of control


Generalist vs. Specialist: Choosing a Path for Career Success | Ideo

Here are six takeaways from the conversation with David Epstein about his research and insights on why generalists have the advantage over specialists in today’s workplace.


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