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Summary Sunday: Issue #466 | Career Sherpa

As we come out on the other side of the pandemic, employers and job seekers face new challenges.

Workers and employers are faced with difficult decisions and priorities are shifting.

In this week’s Summary Sunday, these choices and challenges are being addressed by some of the changes to LinkedIn and reinvention of company culture, industries, jobs and skills.

  • Career Breaks for LinkedIn
  • Researching Skills on LinkedIn
  • Resume Tips
  • The Reinvention of Company Culture
  • The Global Workforce Intelligence Project
  • LinkedIn March Workforce Report


Introducing “Career Breaks” | Donna Svei on LinkedIn

Hot news this week from LinkedIn. If you have a gap in your work history, now there is a way to account for it on your LinkedIn profile.

“Plus 51% of hiring managers/recruiters say they are more likely to contact a candidate that provides context,” says Camilla Han-He referencing January research.

Please read the comments in this post for additional resources and opinions.

Identify the Top 10 Skills within a selected Title, Industry, and Location | Kevin D. Turner

Review this overview of how to research your skills then use this link to try it yourself. Listing the right skills on your LinkedIn profile is important for so many reasons!


New Resume Tips: Resume Trends & Strategies for 2022 | LinkedIn Career Talks

Andrew Seaman talks with Sarah Johnston about resume trends.


The Reinvention of Company Culture: Why It Should Be Your Top Priority This Year | LinkedIn Talent Blog

It’s clear from LinkedIn’s 2022 Global Talent Trends Report that company culture is being reinvented to a degree and at a pace not often seen in the past. Here are some of the findings:

  • 63% of job seekers say company culture is a top priority when selecting a job
  • Employees are 2.6X more likely to report being happy when they have time and location flexibility
  • 66% of Gen Z say more investment in mental health will improve company culture

Introducing The Global Workforce Intelligence Project | Josh Bersin

Here’s why it’s important to read this:

“Every company is trying to find new ways to scale. And the number one challenge is the struggle to hire, retain, and reskill people. Yes, we are in one of the most challenging labor markets in decades. But the problem is not just caused by the labor market. This is a problem of industry reinvention: companies are not just digitizing and hiring, they’re turning into something different.”

LinkedIn’s Workforce Report March 2022 | LinkedIn Economic Graph

“This LinkedIn Workforce Report is a monthly report on employment trends in the U.S. workforce. It’s divided into two sections: a National section that provides insights into hiring and migration trends across the country, and a City section that provides insights into localized employment trends in 20 of the largest U.S. metro areas.”


Conversations with Colleagues – Sarah Johnston

How To Answer “Why Are You Looking For A New Job?

How To Politely Decline A Job Interview (Plus Examples)

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