Summary Sunday: Issue 464

Summary Sunday: Issue #464 | Career Sherpa

Summary Sunday is carefully curated content. It’s selected to help fill gaps in knowledge, provide new ideas and keep you up to date on job search trends.

This week’s summary looks at:

  • Phishing scams
  • Answering salary expectation questions
  • Job search tips from recruiters and past recruiters
  • 10 ways to uncover job opportunities
  • Degrees removed from some job postings

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LinkedIn is Becoming a Paradise for Phishing Attacks | Tech Radar

“[T]he number of phishing emails impersonating [LinkedIn] has grown 232%In February 2022 alone” according to a report from cybersecurity experts Egress. Be on the lookout for these types of emails.


How To Answer ‘What are your salary expectations?’ and Other Tips for Talking Pay In Interviews |CNBC Make It

“There are ways to prepare for the conversation, whether you want to bring it up or wait for HR to do so, to feel more confident and give yourself the most leverage possible.”


The Thoughts of 7 Recruiters on How to Get To an Interview | Bob McIntosh

These tips from recruiters and former recruiters will help you succeed.

How To Find Unadvertised Job Openings | The Balance Careers

There are many jobs you just don’t know about. Perhaps they are unadvertised, but perhaps you aren’t looking in the right places. Here are 10 places to look for job openings you may not have found on job boards.

Reducing Barriers: Indeed Removes Degree Requirements From Eligible Roles | Indeed

Indeed writes “This change has impacted 700+ job profiles across all of our business units and we will continue to use our degree evaluation process when creating new job profiles.” Will other employers adopt this same outlook?


2022 Job Search Advocates List (Twitter) | Hannah Morgan

I’ve updated my list of job search coaches, recruiters, resume and LinkedIn writers who tweet helpful information for job seekers! There are 53 people listed. Simply follow this list.


Every Tuesday at Noon ET, I host a LinkedIn Live conversation. Here are the first two. You can search “conversations with colleagues” in LinkedIn search and filter by events to see upcoming guests (and register).

Conversation with Colleagues – Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer

Donna reviews how to use LinkedIn Career Explorer! It’s a versatile tool for job seekers!

Conversations with Colleagues – Jason Alba, CEO of JibberJobber

Jason talks about how JibberJobber works and why job seekers need this freemium tool.


31 Common Phone Interview Questions (With Answers)

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From A Job? [Answered]

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