Summary Sunday Issue 461

Summary Sunday: Issue #461 | Career Sherpa

Is there a gap in what you know about job search, negotiations and changes in the current workplace?

Never assume you know how hiring happens or what a hiring manager is looking for. You need to conduct research and have conversations to validate (or invalidate) your presumptions.

This week’s summary includes articles to help you understand:

  • Change Agility – human centered leadership
  • New Top Voices to follow on LinkedIn
  • How and why to show transferable skills
  • Are you presenting yourself as outdated?
  • The scoop on job offers, negotiations and compensation


What The Pandemic Taught Us About Change | Josh Bersin

This thought-provoking research and assessment of workplace culture and change is vital to your future. You don’t have to be a leader to ponder and apply these.

“Change Agility is not just about training and communications. It’s about human-centered leadership, building a strong culture of purpose, taking care of your people, and creating a design discipline of “micro-nudges” and stories that bring people to the new world.”

– Josh Bersin

10 lessons of change agility Bersin
10 Lessons of Change Agility by Kathi Enderes


LinkedIn Top Voices in Job Search & Careers: The 10 creators to follow in the U.S. and Canada | LinkedIn

If you don’t follow these Top Voices on LinkedIn, now would be a good time to take action. (Just go to their profiles and click “follow”)

Congratulations to this year’s class of Top Voices! (I’m proud to be an alumnus and supporter of people helping job seekers!)

How to Demonstrate Transferable Skills on Your Resume | FlexJobs

Because transferable skills are important (and based on the report below), you probably wonder how to write about them on your resume. Here ya go.

Monster released The Future Of Work 2022 Global Report⁠ and featured the top transferable skills.

Note that 63% of employers are willing to hire someone with transferable skills. Also note that 50% of employers say candidates need to articulate their skills better.

Skills Employers want - Monster Future of Work 2022
Monster Future of Work 2022 Report

Ageism and Your Job Search: How Older Workers Can Position Their Resume | Unretirement Project

If you are an older worker, are you conveying that your skills/knowledge/attitude is outdated?

“No one is saying that we have to act like we’re in our 20s again. But we do need to show that we are able to be successful in today’s modern business world.”


Let’s Talk Offers, Salary Negotiation, and Compensation | Kristen Fife

I hope reading this helps you understand how to assess your salary and understand how salary negotiations work (from a recruiter’s perspective).

Always Negotiate Your Offer | Tech RecruitHER

And one last ugly example of why you need to learn to negotiate. Click on the link to see the Twitter thread shared about this tweet.

Always negotiate


If you are actively job searching, why not set your email visibility so that anyone on LinkedIn can see it?
PS: Looking for someone’s email address? Check their contact information!

email address on LinkedIn


Power List of the Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership in 2022 | PeopleHum

Appearing on lists is always a wonderful surprise! Honored to clock in at #45

The Top 7 Excuses To Not Network DEBUNKED by Hannah Morgan| Five Minute Friday

Thanks to Ben Alpert for featuring my article on his business podcast!


Starting A New Job: 16 Tips For What You Should Do

How To Tell Your Boss You’re Quitting Your Job (Nicely)

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