# What we’re looking for

At Xpitality we are on a mission to optimise marketing communication and processes for our clients in the hospitality industry at large: hotels, wine makers and restaurants.

We are a distributed team (although most of us are commonly based in Milan, Italy) and we are looking for a motivated front-end engineer with React and React Native skills to join us. Next.js and Slim template framework are preferred skills. We are currently transitioning from our older, home-grown CMS to a new, headless CMS which will use Next.js for its frontend.

We are a small company (5 people), so this is an opportunity to contribute and ship code which will have a positive impact on our customers right away!

This is a full-time position (40 hours per week) for a remote job. Yearly salary is 37.000 to 40.000 USD depending on expertise. You need to reside (or be able to work) within +/- 3h of Central European Time Zone. Core hours are 9:30 – 17:30 CET, but we are flexible.

# What You’ll Do

  • Collaborate with the UX designer, product manager and backend engineer (FYI, on the backend we use Ruby on Rails and a specific headless CMS) to design features and break down high-level goals into tasks and timelines;
  • Work with our UX designer to take user interface designs and prototypes and transform them into pixel-perfect web user interfaces that work across a variety of desktop and mobile web browsers;
  • Communicate and document architectural designs and requirements;
  • Provide thoughtful feedback to others on the team;
  • Build and ship amazing web applications, big and small;
  • Create and maintain cross-platform mobile apps based on the React Native technology;
  • Work with Slim template framework on older projects we still maintain
# Your Qualifications
  • You have an amazing eye for detail. You have previously worked with professional design teams and understand the importance of creating pixel perfect design interfaces and the subtlety that comes with it;
  • 2/3 years of professional JavaScript user interface development experience;
  • You know React well
  • You know Next.js well, or are ready to learn it quickly
  • You are familiar with Slim template framework, or are ready to learn it quickly;
  • You know React Native reasonably well;
  • You published iOS and Android apps to the stores in the past;
  • You are independent and autonomous and sport a “get it done” attitude;
  • You absolutely love crafting elegant products and user experiences;
  • You are able to deal with setting up development environments autonomously;
  • You have strong verbal and written communication skills in english. We know everyone says this, but we mean it! We are a distributed team and rely on team members that are well organized and can effectively communicate about their work;
  • You have experience with agile development principles and tools, and/or are willing to learn;
  • You have experience working with remote teams and understand the communication needs and dynamics of remote team environments.
# What We Work With
  • React, Redux;
  • React Native;
  • Next.js
  • CSS 3 (SASS);
  • Bootstrap 3/4;
  • jQuery;
  • Modern JS (ES6 and modules);
  • Slim template framework
  • Git and code versioning;
  • Task runners (Gulp, Webpack);
  • AWS;
  • Firebase
# Preferential Requirements
  • You are a Next.js master;
  • You worked with GraphQL;
  • You are familiar with Slim template framework;
  • You develop on UNIX platforms (Linux or macOS);
  • You are familiar with Zeplin, Figma, Framer or similar handoff tools;
  • You are familiar with Xcode and App Store Connect publishing flow;
  • You are familiar with Android Studio and Play Store publishing flow;
  • You speak Italian, German, French or Russian (the company’s official language is english though, no worries).