Remote, based in Europe, 9am–5pm UTC/GMT
Wildbit is the team behind Postmark, DMARC Digests, People-First Jobs, and Beanstalk. We’re self-funded, profitable, and have been working remotely since 2000.
We believe that businesses are human, and our team is committed to proving you can grow a profitable company while prioritizing people first. We exist to support our team, and our values and products reflect the care and intention that we operate with.
We’re looking for someone to join the Customer Success (CS) Team that will report to our Head of Customer Success, Dana Chaby. This is a 100% remote position and open to candidates based in or near Europe, with availability to work 9am–5pm UTC/GMT.

Our CS team
The purpose of this role is to help our customers get the most out of our products. Our view is that customer success is about a subtle shift from focusing on making excellent products to making excellent users. That also means reactive customer support (aka responding to tickets) is just one part of the job. And while we aim to resolve 60% of cases on the first reply along with a time to first response of <2 hours, members of our CS team also have one day per week to focus on proactive education: creating and contributing to user guides, blog posts, tutorials, videos, onboarding, and more.
What this role isn’t: We know that bots aren’t as good as humans when it comes to problem solving, and believe it’s better to take the time to fully address an issue rather than slap on a band-aid and quickly move on. This role is not about following heartless scripts to retain customers, meeting ridiculous call completion goals, or quickly closing cases with canned replies.
Today, the CS team includes 6 members who are distributed across several time zones while supporting the Wildbit portfolio of brands. As our customer base grows, we’re expanding the team to ensure redundancy and coverage across time zones while ensuring our team has time for deep focus work.

The role
This position will primarily support Postmark, a cloud email infrastructure product that allows businesses to send and receive transactional and broadcast emails from their applications. We aim to make email seamless, dependable, and easy for product teams. Postmark customers have a range of backgrounds so you should be comfortable supporting non-technical users as well as highly experienced developers. We’re open to exploring opportunities for this role to work with more Wildbit brands in the future.
Your responsibilities will include:
  • Being the first point of troubleshooting customers when they reach out for assistance.
  • Helping new customers get up to speed quickly, triaging issues, and answering questions from potential customers.
  • Educating customers on industry best practices
  • Creating customer-facing help documentation and user guides
  • Maintaining our internal knowledge base.
  • Communicating to customers primarily via email. We also use live chat and hop on an occasional phone call.
  • Representing the voice of the customer to our product team.
  • Helping our team identify where we can better meet the needs of our customers.
  • Collaborating with your teammates to troubleshoot complex problems
  • Empowering developers to do their best work—and having fun doing it.
What are the key things we’re looking for?
You’re an aspiring generalist, but you’re more technical than the typical customer support professional with interests that go above and beyond basic account and billing questions. Maybe you’ve dabbled in code or you’re really good at solving tricky problems.
  • You know what an API is (or you’re interested in learning how to support an API-based product) and are comfortable answering questions about topics like DNS settings.
  • You’ve previously thrived in customer support for a SaaS product with a minimum of 2 years experience.
  • You have an understanding of email technology and authentication topics like SMTP, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
  • You are fluent in English and can demonstrate clear and concise written communication skills.
  • Your wide skill set allows you to get up to speed quickly when learning new products.
  • You’re patient and empathetic towards others with a strong desire to learn and teach.
  • Learn more about the key traits of a good Customer Success team member.

Sample exercise
Your resume is a great snapshot of what you’ve done in the past. We’d love to see what you’re capable of now. To give us an idea of your skills and voice, please complete TWO of the following parts of the required sample exercise. There is a spot to share a link to your responses on the application page (i.e., Google doc, Paper doc, etc.).
  • Emails can bounce for a variety of reasons. How would you explain to a customer the reason an email they sent through Postmark returned a soft bounce?
  • A customer reached out to Postmark support asking about a feature we don’t currently have (and it’s not coming up in the near future). How would you handle that, and how would you reply to them? Please also tell us a little about why you answered this way. What is your thought process behind it?
  • Explain to a customer how to authenticate their domain with DKIM. Use the documentation in our support center as a resource.
This project is all about showcasing what you can do. Don’t worry about trying to guess what we would do—make it your own, and have fun with it. We are looking to see a complete picture of your work: your thought process, planning, writing skills, and all that goes with it.