Do you enjoy transforming complex problems into simple, elegant systems that address organizational needs and unlock value? Want to work on a small, distributed team that’s at the center of the future of work? Well, you’ve found the right place. Read on, my friend.
We at We Work Remotely help millions of people around the world find remote work every day. Since 2011, thousands of companies have trusted us to help find qualified remote candidates to join their distributed teams. On top of offering a top-notch platform, we also believe it’s our duty to help spread the word about the benefits of remote work, and to ensure that both job seekers and companies have the tools required to work effectively.
Our team is looking for a talented, hard-working, generalist to join as our Head of Ops. Reporting directly to the CEO, you’ll work closely with them on a day-to-day basis. We’re a small, fast-paced team, so your day-to-day will fluctuate. One day you’ll work on new partnerships programs and business development, the next you’ll work on designing a new process to streamline an existing system, and then moving to vendor negotiations. In this role you’ll be responsible for:
  • Designing processes that optimize and maximize efficiency
  • Managing relationships/agreements with external partners/vendors
  • Managing and collaborating on growth/demand projects
  • Evaluating and mitigating project risks
  • Overseeing and managing technology within the org
  • Managing, evaluating, and reporting on key performance indicators
  • Collaborating with CEO to make decisions and set strategic objectives
  • Managing procurement processes and coordinate resource allocation
  • Supervising staff and provide constructive feedback

Must-Have Experience:
  • Proven experience in an operations role
  • Process design and optimization experience
  • Working knowledge of data analysis, processing, and reporting
  • Strong aptitude for financial planning
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation skills
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Ability and interest in quickly learning and adapting
  • Bonus: knowledge and experience with no/low-code tools

About Us
You’ll be joining a small remote team of friendly and progressive individuals. We don’t care where you work, what hours you work, or how you work. We don’t hire assholes. But we do care about your well-being, if you’re a good person, and if you’re able to execute your work effectively. No micro-managers over here, only people who value trust, autonomy, and quality work.
We’re passionate about remote work, creating awesome communities, and making jobs more accessible to everyone. Our stable and relaxed working environment is balanced with a natural curiosity to test and try new things while maintaining a strong foundation for communication and collaboration to thrive. Adopting an outcome-driven approach, we take pride in working hard while supporting work-life balance and embracing a high culture of trust.

A few things to know about us:
  • Mission-Driven. We believe that remote (and hybrid) work isn’t just a passing fad — it’s the future of work. Our mission is to help employers find world-class talent while building a more inclusive and diverse workforce.
  • Async. We support a heavily asynchronous workforce. We meet weekly for a staff meeting. We do most of our communication asynchronously through tools like Slack and Zoom/Meet. We believe in written communication and expect all employees to be able to document and share ideas through tools like Notion.
  • Growth-Minded. We want to connect amazing companies with talented candidates, and unlock the future of work. We’re always experimenting with new ways to help our customers and candidates get the most out of life and work.
What We Offer
  • Freedom to choose when and where you work
  • Unlimited vacation and mental health days, plus your local stat holidays
  • Healthcare benefits package (after initial 2 month contract period – unfortunately, we are not able to offer health plans for applicants outside of Canada)
  • Fully remote culture
  • Design your own schedule
  • Hardware budget
  • Coverage for learning and development

Application Process
Here’s what you can expect during the interview process. If you have questions or need alterations, we’re happy to accommodate.

1) Send an intro email
Click “Apply” and introduce yourself to Kevin, our CEO. 

Be sure to include “WWR Head of Ops Role” in the subject line.

In this email, please provide standard background of your work experience, skills, relevant links, and salary expectations. In addition, please let us know why you’re interested in the role:
  • What are you looking for in your next role?
  • What do you like to work on that keeps you motivated?
  • What does your ideal day look like?
  • What questions do you have for We Work Remotely?
2) Email conversation with Kevin (1-3 days)
Kevin will respond back and we’ll kick off a back and forth of a couple of emails. The purpose of this conversation is to ensure:
  • There’s alignment on skills, experience, compensation, and timeline (to start).
  • Dive into the questions above.
  • Ensure that we’re able to perform critical business while talking async.
3) Call with Kevin (Scheduled within 1-3 days)
  1. Understanding your motivation and experience
  2. Kevin shares a bit about WWR strategy
  3. You ask any questions you want
4) Call with WWR Team
After connecting with Kevin, you’ll meet two future WWR teammates. This is your chance to learn more about the culture and get to know a few of your potential colleagues, and they’ll do the same.

5) Recommendations (As fast as you can get them to us)
If the call goes well, we’ll ask you to share 3-5 recommendations and reviews from people you’ve worked with in the past.
6) Offer
If we’re excited about everything up to this point, we’ll make an offer. If we don’t make an offer we’ll provide detailed feedback about our decision-making process over email.