Hey there!

We are currently looking for reinforcement for our editorial team, as we always have a high demand for quality content, written primarily for the reader and not for search engines.

Currently we are looking for German native content writers on various topics, including:

-> Software
-> Online Services (Cloud Storage, VPN, Project Management)
-> Coffee & Coffee makers

Please only apply if you fulfill the following criteria:

1) You’re willing and able to write at least one article (roughly 2,000 words) per week

2) You’re a good communicator and keep your assigned deadlines 

3) You deal well with feedback from our editorial team and take it as a learning experience (they will polish and criticize your writing)

4) If you’re applying for the software or online services topics, you’re willing to test drive software, take screenshots occasionally and spend time with the service or software before committing words to a page. 

About us
We’re a company located in Cyprus but we cater a lot to German audiences. On our websites we publish many reports, guides,  and reviews of 2,000 words or more. It is especially important to us that you understand a lot about your subject and know what is important. We are only interested in great content that is fun, informative, and helpful to our readers and well optimized for search engines. We absolutely despise fluffy writing. 

Our writers usually commit between 2,000 and 10,000 words per week. As long as quality doesn’t suffer we don’t set an upper limit to the word count you can bill at the end of the month.

When we publish reviews, we expect our editors to familiarize themselves with the products (we’ll send you products to test and review) and not just generally receive information from Amazon reviews or the Internet.

Who are we looking for?
You should have the following qualities:

1) Some experience as a writer.

2) Expertise in your category.

3) You can meet deadlines.

4) You can work with Google Docs and spreadsheets.

What we’re not looking for:
1) You don’t need to know anything about SEO, you’ll get detailed content briefs and learn a great deal SEO in general.

2) We’re not looking for agencies, or “copywriters for advertising.”  

We are interested in long-term relationships with our copywriters. Many of them have been working for us for years, so we would be happy to welcome you to our team.

Of course you can work from wherever you want, this is a freelance job.