You must be a current UK student to apply for this position. This position is located off-campus with a private Lexington resident and is not affiliated with UK. We are seeking 2-4 part-time in-home daytime child care for a toddler (15-20 months old). Care includes entertaining child with physical games and play, reading stories, going on walks, preparing snacks, cleaning up after snacks, changing diapers, monitoring independent play to ensure safety, picking up and putting back toys/games to keep tidy; putting down and getting up from naps, and monitoring during nap time. Nap times can be used for school work or other activities as long as toys are picked up and snack stuff has been cleaned up. 

We are seeking daytime care between 8-5 pm. We are hoping to find sitters who can work between 5-6 hours at a time but shorter shifts (3~ hour) may work as well. We will coordinated schedules among sitters and parents once we hire. Likely hours won’t be over 10-12 hours a week.
We have one dog and one cat. While care is not required for them, the dog may ask/want to be let out to use the restroom in the backyard. The dog is a rescue and is a little skiddish (growls, barks) but warms up to new people fast (and will likely want pets). The first one to two shifts one of us (the parents) will be around to help smooth transitions and train sitters.