The best freelance experience for top Shopify developers: endless new clients, great software, and a helpful community.
Over the last several years, we have connected our community of Shopify Experts to over 30,000 e-commerce brands for projects big and small, including: Alpha Industries, Boll and Brach, Keap Candles, Superfluid, Jack Henry, and Moonshot Snacks.

What sets us apart:
  • Endless clients & opportunities: Experts have gone from application to earning $10K per month within 6-weeks. Some Experts are making over $150k/year with Storetasker.
  • Community (not competition): you pick your clients, projects, and never compete against other Experts in the community.
  • Only experienced Shopify Experts: we carefully curate the the community.
  • Complete flexibility: work from anywhere – as little or as much as you want.
  • No external ratings or profiles: no need to rebuild your reputation from scratch. New Experts have the same opportunities as everyone else.
  • Great Software: that makes it easy to manage more clients and have significantly more billable hours.
  • Support when you need it: we offer project support 7 days per week. Think of it like freelancing with a team.
Sounds pretty good? Learn more and apply!

Here’s who we’re looking for:
  • Ambitious full-time and part time freelancers and boutique (2-4 person) agencies.
  • Who have a 3+ years of Shopify experience.
  • And who have worked with multiple merchants & stores.
  • And who understand the importance of great customer service.
Specifically with any of these skills:
  • Front-end or full-stack Shopify development
  • Klaviyo Email flows
  • Headless Shopify development
  • Conversion rate optimization
    • SEO and Site Speed
  • E-commerce expertise and strategy
We’re a company built by ex-freelancers who know the ins and outs of being an independent entrepreneur. We’ve experienced first-hand the shortcomings of other freelance platforms and the pain-points of being independent. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and build a better freelancing experience.

Here’s what a few current Storetasker Experts have to say:
“Storetasker has changed my life – I’m not only making more, but I’m getting quality leads, a diverse slate of projects, and access to an amazing group of developers. Plus, I love the Storetasker support team!” – Adan, United States, Storetasker Expert since March 2020
“Storetasker has connected me with clients that would never have been possible without them. That combined with an incredible support network and community makes joining an amazing opportunity for any developer”” – Mark, England, Storetasker Expert since 2019
“Storetasker has allowed me to live out my dreams as a freelance developer – to move to Toronto and continue doing what I love: solving interesting problems and helping apparel companies grow.” – Siah, Canada, Storetasker Expert since 2017
Questions? Reach out at experts@storetasker.com