Under the direction of the Torrance Memorial Medical Center Security Shift Supervisor, the Security Officer I, is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment as possible for quality patient care by performing patrol, customer service, and emergency response functions.

Core Competencies

Answers questions, gives directions, conducts inquiries, broadcasts and receives radio messages.

Observes parking activity in the west parking structure, main parking structure, Sky park/Lot “E” and notifies dispatch of changing conditions.

Takes accurate field notes and prepares legible and complete reports.

Provides a visible deterrence to crime and prohibited activities by patrolling the medical center’s campus to detect irregularities.

Responds quickly and calmly to emergent and non-emergent situations involving visitors, patients, volunteers, physicians and employees.

Treats all persons courteously and addresses individuals by name.

Reports all safety and fire hazards found on patrol and inspections.

Provides escort services to patients, visitors, physicians, staff, and volunteers as necessary.

Responds to Code Red, Code Gray, Code Pink and Code Orange (if certified as a Hazmat Responder) unless otherwise directed.

Performs specialized duties as required, such as patient stand-bys.

Conducts a complete foot patrol of the interior and exterior medical center, parking structures/ lots, providing a visible deterrence to crime and prohibited activities, and to detect irregularities.

Controls and monitors traffic in the patient loading and unloading areas on hospital campus.

Provides assistance to civil and law enforcement authorities, including testimony in court and other administrative hearings.

Enforces medical center parking policies and issues parking citations if necessary.

Maintains traffic control in the emergency department and ambulance entrance area to ensure access for emergency service vehicles and emergency patients.

Inspects outgoing parcels as necessary to prevent theft of medical center property.

Turns in all lost and found items.

Performs all duties in accordance with-in the “Policy and Procedures” manual, for the Security Department.

Completes compliance, regulatory or mandated training that is deemed by any local, state, and federal ordinance/law or a department or hospital policy as required. Completes training/requirements in a maximum of two attempts once instructed to attend the training.

Reviews and is responsible for knowing the information held in the Security Officer Training Manual, TMMCSSD Policy and Procedure Manual, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Sources(s), Security Management Plan, Powers to Arrest, AB 2880 – Skills Training Course for Security Guards, and AB 508 – Emergency Department Security Training

Attends all Medical Center classes such as Code Gray, Workplace Violence and others as specified to all department employees annually.

Translates observations and actions into accurate, complete and legible written reports.

Department Specific Competencies


Degree Program
Additional Information


Number of Years Experience Type of Experience
Additional Information
High School Diploma/GED or Higher Education and 1 year experience as a Security Officer or 5 years security guard experience in lieu of education requirement.

License / Certification Requirements

CA Guard Card or CA Proprietary Security Officer Card