At Scandit, we develop real-time computer vision solutions for smartphones, wearables and robots that combine modern machine learning approaches with computer vision. To expand our engineering team, we are looking for a full-stack engineer.
You will be responsible for the web experience of a green-field product we are currently developing. You will work in a cross-functional team with other mobile and machine learning engineers to build features for a customer-facing web dashboard.
One of our upcoming projects includes processing tens of thousands of images taken by robots using computer vision and machine learning algorithms. We need your help to scale the API and data processing pipeline.

What You Will Do

  • Scale our API written in Django and Python to support ever increasing load
  • Add features to our customer-facing dashboard written in React/TypeScript
  • Scale and optimize our image processing pipelines in Python on Google Cloud
  • Set up end-to-end tests to make sure making changes is worry free
  • Deploy applications to Kubernetes
Our Tech Stack
  • Django, Python
  • PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Kubernetes (GKE)

How We Work
  • Your home will be the Web & Infrastructure team which we call a chapter
  • We work in cross-functional feature teams called squads
  • Our team speaks English and is located in Switzerland, Finland and Poland 
  • We start every team meeting discussing new technologies, not problems
  • Scrum with 2-week sprints
  • Most of the team uses macOS but are proficient with Linux
  • GitLab Premium for code hosting and reviews as well as CI
  • Jira for ticket management
  • Confluence as a wiki for documentation
  • Slack for conversations
  • Google Workspace for email, calendar, documents
  • Zoom for video conferencing

Who We Are
Scandit enables enterprises and consumers to change the way they interact with everyday objects and augment the physical world with real-time data captured by scanning barcodes and recognizing text, objects, and other visual identifiers using smartphones, tablets, wearables, drones and robots.
Scandit’s mobile data capture platform is built on proprietary computer vision, augmented reality, and machine learning technologies. Companies in industries such as retail, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare can use Scandit’s technology to create and power mobile apps for crucial enterprise workflows like mobile point of sale, mobile shopping, self-checkout, inventory management, and proof of delivery.
Many of the world’s most innovative and successful companies are benefiting from Scandit’s enterprise-grade mobile data capture platform, including Sephora, Nissan, DHL, and Levi Strauss & Co.
Scandit was founded by a group of researchers from ETH Zurich and MIT. The company is headquartered in Zurich and is also represented in Boston, London, Warsaw and Tampere. Over the years, our company has evolved into a world-class team of mobile image processing, computer vision, machine learning and “Internet of Things” experts from around the globe.