Note: Although this is a remote position, we are currently only seeking candidates who can ensure at least 3 hours of overlap with European time zones between UTC and UTC+2 (essentially between Lisbon and Istanbul).

Quaderno is a product-led company with 2,500+ paying customers across 60 countries. As the first Growth Marketing Specialist on our marketing team, your mission is to drive new traffic to our platform through organic and paid channels to help us earn 10,000 customers and beyond.

We have an established marketing team and processes, and roles that support the marketing team throughout the organization. We’re looking for an experienced person to work under our Product Marketing Manager to define and execute growth strategies that get short-term results but also drive healthy, sustainable customer acquisition long-term.
You will focus on 2 main areas:
1. Organic traffic generation
Outcome: We increase organic website traffic and are always iterating and testing creative ways to promote Quaderno to our target audience.
Primary KPI: Number of new unique visitors to our website (landing pages, blog, and tax resource content).

2. Paid marketing channels
Outcome: Implementation of paid marketing strategy with measurable and sustainable ROI.

Primary KPIs: Customer Acquisition Cost, ROI per channel, Number of new paid users generated through paid channels.

This means that as Growth Marketing Specialist you will…

  • Own the marketing strategy for new traffic generation. This includes acquiring a deep understanding of our products, buyers, and market landscape. Then you’ll write the book on the paid advertising strategy to reach our ideal customer profiles.
  • Champion our future SEO strategy and ensure content marketing aligns accordingly to drive towards key SEO goals
  • Research and identify best-fit ad partners, as well as developing and managing relationships with strategic, mutually beneficial marketing partners
  • Create, manage, and experiment with new user acquisition campaigns
  • Conceive and execute on a wide range of content campaigns to drive education and engagement
  • Analyze data to monitor revenue performance and uncover areas for improvement. Prepare and present recommendations, reports, and findings from data across all levels of the organization.

Indicators that this could be a good role for you
This is not an entry-level position. You’re an experienced marketer with 3+ years in SEO and growth marketing at a SaaS or related company.
  • Solid project management skills: ability to lead and collaborate with cross-functional partners, prioritize high-impact activities, and keep complex projects moving forward.
  • Strong growth track record, with samples and results of past campaigns.
  • Proficient with Google Marketing Platform
  • Outstanding communicator, both verbally and in writing. You’re comfortable communicating across disciplines at all levels of the organization.
  • Creative thinker that can use out-of-the-box ways to communicate the value of a product and create clever ad copy
  • Results-oriented. You take an obsessively ROI-focused approach to every project or initiative. You like to make little bets and aren’t afraid to pull the plug on an unsuccessful strategy.
  • Biased toward action. You don’t sit around waiting to be told what to do. You understand your mission and take initiative to make things happen. You ask questions. You get clarity. You do what’s best for the customer. You listen well.
Indicators are just that. You don’t need to be a superhero to apply!