Time zones: GMT (UTC +0), CET (UTC +1), EET (UTC +2)
We are building a geospatial machine learning platform that allows users to detect any kind of object and train their own Deep Learning model in the cloud using an intuitive UI. That means we get to tackle interesting problems on a daily basis; from processing and visualizing large amounts of geospatial data to dynamically managing GPU workers, while exposing this to our users in a collaborative and intuitive web interface.
Our tech stack is Python/Django/Postgres on the backend and Vue on the front-end. We’re using pytorch for our Deep Learning algorithms and deploy on Google Kubernetes Engine. We are working with geospatial data, so we are heavy users of GDAL, Mapbox, Leaflet, QGIS and other GIS tools.
Together with our team, you will:
  • Design, develop and maintain our geospatial machine learning platform (Python/Django). You will be involved in all stages of new features development.
  • Be particularly involved in the design, development, and deployment aspects of our backend services.
  • Help scale, maintain, monitor and troubleshoot our systems (production, testing, CI, monitoring).
  • Participate in defining devops best practices and share them within the team. All engineers are involved in ops, but you will become an expert.
  • Explore new technologies/ideas and share your findings.
You should have multiple of the following qualifications:
  • 3 years of relevant industry experience.
  • Strong experience with a backend language and ecosystem, ideally Python/Django/Postgres.
  • Sensitivity to code quality and maintainability trade-offs.
  • Experience with Devops tools (we use docker, k8s, gitlab and Google Cloud Platform).
  • Strong experience with testing automation and CI across the stack.
The ideal candidate will be curious about:
  • Machine/Deep Learning and in particular how it can be used on geospatial imagery.
  • The geospatial domain and GIS technologies in general.
From our side, we’ll provide an environment where:
  • You will be part of a team that is continuously exploring and keeping up to speed with the latest technological evolutions. However, that doesn’t mean we are changing front-end frameworks every 6 months.
  • The opportunity to push for your own outside-the-box ideas. We don’t guarantee we’ll ship all of them, but we’ll at least give you the freedom to explore them.
  • Ample room for growth, technically or otherwise. We are shaping the company for growth and you will be involved.
  • The opportunity to take ownership of key components of our platform. Lead technical exploration through prototyping and dedicated learning time.
  • You will have hands-on user experience feedback and product development experience.
  • Competitive salary and stock options plan.
  • Flexible work from home policy – you manage your own time.
Administrative requirements:
  • EU / EEA / CH or UK work permit (we do not sponsor visas)
Ready to apply?
Send us:
  • An updated CV (max 1 page in PDF format).
  • A cover letter (max 1 page, PDF) that covers:
    • Where you would be based
    • What motivates you about the prospect of working at Picterra.
    • A short description of a codebase you enjoyed working on and why.
    • Two things that make you happy at work and two things that make you unhappy.