Are you keen to work in a startup where your ideas, experience and willingness to find creative solutions – and not your title – makes a difference?
We are looking for a motivated hands-on Big Data Ops Engineer to develop services, processes and tools, build a research technology platform based on Apache Spark that will enable our research team to perform big data analysis – mainly of time series trading data – and review results. By being the first Big Data Ops Engineer in the team you will see your impact almost instantly after joining. You will propose solutions to problems and recommend the right approach to implement them fast.
Our architecture is based on Python and Go, deployed on AWS. You see infrastructure as code and see the deployment and monitoring as an integral part of your work, DevOps-style. You rather try to use an AWS cloud service instead of running your own piece of infrastructure or code. Security is always on your mind, and you’re maybe always a little bit too paranoid. You’re super detail and quality oriented and love to work in a team where most problems haven’t been solved so far – so we highly value creativity to find solutions.
  • Support the research team by building an infrastructure platform and services that will enable them to perform their research most efficiently.
  • Help the development of our infrastructure and framework for data quality assurance.
  • Contribute to decisions about our tools and technology stack.
  • Be in charge of the technology architecture you build.
  • Work with IT to build and integrate tools for alerting, logging, and monitoring.
  • Creative and intellectually curious people with years of hands-on experience in big data infrastructure, engineering and software development.
  • People that prioritize effective and simple solutions over complete and complex ones and prefer existing solutions (e.g. on AWS) over complex custom code.
  • Practical and expert knowledge of Big Data processing platforms like Apache Spark, AWS Kinesis, Databricks, Kafka (or similar solutions).
  • Practical experience in deploying big data solutions on AWS
  • Working experience with ontologies and data modeling especially with time series data.
  • Database technologies (SQL) and also latency-focussed NoSQL (AWS DynamoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, AWS S3)
  • Python coding experience in ETL environments and data pipelines
  • Security Tools and Concepts
  • Good understanding of modern cloud-based backend architectures and technologies
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and high attention to detail
  • Highly self-organized, self-learner, strongly quality oriented
  • Fluent English speaker
Beneficial Requirements
  • Experience building/adapting web applications that allow for easy human interaction via Dashboards, tools and frameworks.
  • Golang coding skills
  • Good understanding of distributed Systems
  • Machine learning experience
  • AWS Lambda / JavaScript/TypeScript experience
  • Analysis and math skills
  • Interest in crypto and/or financial markets
How to apply
We care about talent, skills, and continuous self-improvement and not how you have acquired those – university, code school or self-taught. Please send your application via email to coders@numus.digital as a PDF file and Github Profile.
What we offer
If you are eager to join a knowledge driven group of brilliant minds that value results above anything and do not engage in any political internal discussions, then you should join Numus.
As everyone of us is constantly learning and we are far from definitive answers yet, we embrace a global, diverse and collaboration-oriented team culture. We value open, smart and sharp minds, no matter their background. They are our greatest asset.
If you are curious, scientifically minded, entrepreneurial, passionate, a little bit quirky and fun: we would like to get to know you and become a part of our journey. Develop your skills together with us in a humble, remote, lean and agile environment.
We operate in a non-hierarchical structure on a self-management basis where skill counts instead of titles. Take initiative, initiate change and take responsible action. You also know when to ask for help.
You’ll be working with the latest cutting edge technology to solve real world problems. Creativity is a must in our company. We’re organized as a full remote-first company, so Everybody can choose freely to work remotely or from our offices or a mix of both, we will be able to adjust to your work-life balance.