As a senior frontend developer, you will lead the development of our products’ mobile web applications, starting with MainEvent. The ideal candidate will have strong JavaScript skills, familiarity with the larger ecosystem of frameworks / libraries / build tools, and experience building web applications for mobile devices and tablets.
Your primary focus will be the design and development of a mobile app: the primary interface our customers’ in-the-field workforce uses to perform their job. It will be an opportunity to solve complex technical problems at a large scale while improving the lives of our end users. Some of the challenges you’ll solve will be data collection / storage / analysis at scale, geofencing, and offline support.
  • Create and deliver mobile and desktop web applications for in-the-field workers and their organizations
  • Participate in the full development lifecycle as we build new products and features for our SaaS platform
  • Guide framework, library, and other tool choice decisions
  • Contribute & share developer responsibilities with a team
  • Expert in the core JavaScript language
  • Significant experience with modern frontend frameworks (we’re primarily using Vue, but also have projects in React and Angular)
  • Comfortable evaluating and guiding technology decisions relating to frontend frameworks, libraries, and other tools
  • Understanding of modern JavaScript build tools to implement build processes for new products as well as support and improve legacy processes
  • Comfortable troubleshooting and debugging issues across the full web stack, including backend, database, and external API’s
  • Successful working independently on projects and collaborating with non-developers to represent the development team’s perspective on design/risk/timelines