We are a mindfulness-based mental health company looking for experienced software engineers to join our remote team to support our research efforts. We create evidence-based digital therapeutics that help our users change their behaviors for good by overcoming habits and addictions like anxiety, emotional eating, and smoking. MindSciences (now part of Sharecare) was founded by Judson Brewer MD PhD, author of The Craving Mind and the 4th most viewed TED Talk of 2016, “A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit.”
Sharecare is a digital healthcare company that helps people manage all their health needs in one place. The Sharecare platform provides each person – no matter where they are in their health journey – with a comprehensive and personalized health profile, where they can dynamically and easily connect to the information, evidence-based programs and health professionals they need to live their healthiest, happiest and most productive life. With award-winning and innovative frictionless technologies, scientifically validated clinical protocols and best-in-class coaching tools, Sharecare helps providers, employers and health plans effectively scale outcomes-based health and wellness solutions across their entire populations. We are always looking for people that value the opportunity to work hard, have fun on the job, and make a difference in the lives of others through their work every day!
We develop and maintain several hybrid mobile apps and various web applications and tools. We value code written for humans and developers’ happiness.
Data Scientist at Sharecare responsibilities include
  • Partner with the research team to develop and execute strategies to improve user experience and efficacy of the mobile apps
  • Explore experience personalization through modeling and other statistical methods
  • Extract data from our databases and pre-process for analysis
  • Coordinate with developers to setup new tracking and analytics system
Qualifications & Requirements
  • Ability to use data to answer complex questions related to user experience and program efficacy
  • Listens to user feedback and pays attention to the details that make great user experiences
  • Enjoys managing multiple development projects to deliver quality apps and services
  • Experience cleaning, analyzing, and visualizing data using tools and scripting language such as Python or R
  • Advanced SQL skills
  • Data visualization (pictorial or graphical format) and tools (i.e. Tableau, Kibana, Google Charts, Datawrapper)
  • Practical, applied experience with a variety of statistical inference and modeling methods, specifically around A/B experiments and their design, missing data, survey sampling, or panel data
  • Strong ability to condense complex concepts and analysis into clear and concise takeaways that drive action
  • Good communication including ability to voice concerns when necessary
  • Comfortable working with fast changing timelines and pivoting between projects
  • Ability to work collaboratively across different teams to manage internal and external stakeholder requirements
We are a mixed international team with researchers based in North America and developers based in Europe/South America. The work environment is relaxed with short daily standup video calls and Slack communication. While the position is full remote, we prefer people based in Europe, Eastern US or South America region for timezone overlapping.
We know how fast stacks change these days, so we appreciate developers who are comfortable switching between technologies and willing to learn when a new skill is required. We also believe that your experience is a valuable asset and you will be part of the decision-making process to improve the quality of our programs and our architecture.