?️ Setting the scene
We believe that talent can be found anywhere but opportunity not. We are on a mission to bridge that gap and create equal opportunities for everyone. To achieve this, we are building the world’s largest remote talent company.
We are currently doing this through three services:
  1. Sourcing as a Service – dedicated (tech) sourcers work dedicated for a client on a subscription based model
  2. Recruitment as a Service (RPO) – dedicated (tech) recruiters work dedicated for a client on a subscription based model + success fee
  3. Remote hiring – we help companies hire remote tech talent based on their time zone, tech requirements, salary expectations and payroll & compliance preferences
We are a fully remote company with people working from 11 different countries like the Netherlands, Ukraine, South Africa, Serbia, Spain, Poland, Austria and the United States. Expect a diverse and multi-cultural company!
We are growing very rapidly and our proud to say that we work with companies like Booking.com, Revolut, Miro, Grammarly and TikTok.
? What your mission will be
Your mission is to translate our ambitious mission and strategy into execution and manage all our internal operations to create equal opportunities for everyone.
? Where you will be based
We are a fully remote company. You decide where and when you want to work if you keep in mind that we work generally on CET time zones. 
❤️ What’s in it for you
  • Play a key role in creating equal opportunities for everyone and build the largest remote talent company in the world 
  • Work fully remote and decide when and where you want to work;
  • Build the operational processes and organizational structure to scale our company from 27 to 75+ employees in the next year
  • Be end responsible for the projects that need to be realized e.g. drive efficiencies in our sourcing and recruitment process through automation and tooling, create dashboards to keep track on performance both internally and externally, solve the operational challenges coming with quickly scaling a fully remote company from 30 to 100 employees, create a seamless onboarding process from an operational stand point, etc.
  • Be part of the management team and work closely with our Founders and drive our strategies from idea to execution;
  • Manage relationships with partners and vendors;
  • Annual offsite with our entire team at a different location (somewhere warm);
  • Work with a diverse team from all over the world;
  • Competitive salary; 
? What we are looking for in you
  • 5+ years of working experience in an operational rol;
  • Proven track record of outstanding performance in a fast-growing organization;
  • Experience setting-up / professionalizing key operational processes and organizational structure;
  • Proven ability to implement financial and operational metrics to drive organizational decisions and achieve strategic objectives; 
  • Analytical and data driven;
  • Fluent in English both in speaking and writing;
  • Experience or comfortable working 100% remotely;
?How you will be measured
You will be responsible to help MatcHR double in size in the first 6 months from an operational point of view. Your KPI’s will involve customer satisfaction, throughput time of key processes, onboarding experience of new employees, internal satisfaction survey and the ability to have the correct data at our fingertips at all time. Oh and before we forget. People need to actually like to work with you so we ask our team for honest feedback :).
?️ What your first 12 months will look like and what outcomes we expect you to hit
First month
Your first month at MatcHR! Welcome! We will train and bring you up to speed as quickly as possible. We have written a detailed onboarding plan for you in Coda to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. In your first month we expect you to fully understand how we work and raise tons of questions! If you have no background in recruitment your first month will be used for you to understand how the recruitment and sourcing industry works and how we currently work for our clients. Besides understanding our way of working it’s important for you to understand with “what” we work. What tools do we use, what processes are in place and what does the current organizational structure look like.
After your first month we expect you to fully understand our organization and have created your own roadmap with the most important projects to improve our internal organization. One of your first projects is to utilize our internal data. At the end of your first month we expect you to have made several analyses on our internal performance and have identified where and how we can improve. 

In your first weeks we will make a 30/60/90 day plan what company goals but also personal development goals you would like to achieve. 

Second month
You have so many projects that you constantly need to set priorities what you will focus on. You are working to create a real-time dashboard with all relevant data of our organization to track our performance day to day and over time. Together with our Head of Talent you will create a seamless onboarding experience for our quickly scaling organization to make sure that new employees can hit the ground running. You have started on your first automation projects and are in active communication and cooperation with our Head of Sourcing and Recruitment to optimize their workflow. 

We will check whether you are on track on your 30/60/90 day plan and what areas need extra attention.

Third month
Three months in already! Time flies ?. You created a dashboard that enables the management team to track performance of the organization in real time. The whole organization is using our database in the same and structured way and our database is constantly up to date. Your next mission is to improve our communication to our clients and provide real insights and relevant market data on a continuous basis towards our clients. 

Together with our founders you define the strategic roadmap for the next 3 months. We will check whether you are on track on your 30/60/90 day plan and will evaluate your first three months.

Sixth month
Six months in. We have doubled in size since you came. With everything you do you think of our mission to create equal opportunities for everyone. Not only do you live and breath our mission, you are actually able to execute on this mission. You are an advocate of remote work and you are actively sharing our remote learnings with the remote work community.
Employee satisfaction is still as high as it was when you came in (if not higher), new employees can immediately hit the ground running and through your strong stakeholder management skills everyone likes to work with you. Your energy is contagious, and with your hard working mentality you set the pace for our organization.
? One year
Wow! One year at MatcHR! Something we will be celebrating for sure! Our organization will be over 75 employees and we are just getting started. Together with the management team you will create the strategic plan for next year to double our company in size again.
? Apply
Interested? Good! Just apply by clicking on the link below, upload your resume and connect with Adriaan on linkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adriaankolff/.