Maslar Industries is a product development consultancy which partners with businesses to collaboratively design and develop business solutions.

This project is a collaboration with a cattle industry leader developing a new supply chain for a Fortune 500 company. We’ve spent the last two years laying the groundwork on an application that allows the business to manage weight gain, forecast finish dates, and track animals individually. Now we’re expanding the scope of the tooling and functionality to help the business meet their goals.

This is a contract 1099 position.

You’ll be responsible to

  • Collaborate with team members and business stakeholders to understand needs and develop solutions. 
  • Produce high quality, reliable, tested software. 
  • Expand and Improve our ETL and other processes for importing data. 
What we’re looking for
  • +3 years of development experience 
  • Previous experience working in remote team 
  • Experience with Ruby, Rails, Stimulus and Postgres (or other relational database)