We are anynines – with offices located in Saarbrücken and in Berlin.

Our office in Berlin is located within the Scaling Spaces Coworking space directly next to the subway station Osloer Straße. Our headquarters in Saarbrücken is situated at the Campus der Universität des Saarlandes – and is easily reachable by public transportation or by car.

We are specialized in the planning, construction and operation of modern cloud platforms as well as the automation of databases and data services – and work with cloud technologies such as Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry.

The development of cloud-native web applications with Ruby on Rails & JavaScript as well as the cloud hosting of web applications completes our portfolio, with which we support national and international companies in their digital transformation.

About this job

Our modular framework of a9s Platform products is used by many different innovative companies around the world to build and operate comprehensive cloud-native Application Development Platforms that are used by thousands of application developers.

We are looking for talented software engineers to help us drive forward the evolution of our a9s Platform in the Kubernetes Ecosystem.

You will be working on the definition, design and implementation of our new Kubernetes-native products for platform operators and application developers. These products are located in the field of Kubernetes-native Application Development Platforms and will provide a high degree of automation of complex operational tasks related to managing the complete lifecycle of applications, data services and/or entire platform stacks.

This encompasses for example to robustly automate the entire lifecycle management (provisioning, deprovisioning, scale up/down) of data services (e.g. PostgreSQL, Redis, etc.) and / or complete Kubernetes stacks for application development platforms.

As we are building new products for Kubernetes, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to it right from the beginning. Moreover, you’ll be able to bring in your own ideas when it comes to shaping the product visions and making our new products a success. Thereby, you’ll drive architectural and design decisions at a high-level and then gradually zoom in, from coding PoCs to assess your ideas to writing production-grade code.

If you think these are cool projects and what you’ve just read excites you, don’t hesitate to apply for this job, we look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to do that even if you match only part of the qualifications.

Your core tasks

Together with our experts from both the anynines operations and automation team you’ll transform human operational knowledge in the context of Kubernetes-native Application Development Platforms into sophisticated automation solutions. Your main tasks will be:

  • Architect and design our new products for Kubernetes, taking into account the requirements formulated by the Product Owner as well as enterprise readiness criteria such as security, scalability, high-availability.
  • Perform research and experiments to explore and evaluate design options that will set the direction for the implementation.
  • Design user interfaces (APIs, CLIs, GUIs) that abstract away complex operational tasks for different end user types such as application developers and platform operators.
  • Code, together with our development team, both MVPs / PoCs as well as production-grade software that implements your solution design.
  • Participate in code reviews and test-driven development.
  • Architect and develop, together with our team, support infrastructure such as CI/CD pipeline, testing environment.
  • Actively participate in workshops, conferences and meetups such as KubeCon or CNCF Meetups to present and discuss your innovative design and implementation approaches with the community.
  • Produce content such as technical blog posts or youtube videos featuring your own research, design and development to let the community know about the product(s) you’re working on.
  • Perform PoCs to customers and train them to use our product.

What we expect

  • Excellent knowledge of Kubernetes and/or other CNCF projects. Bonus points if you’ve written a custom Kubernetes controller, you know the internals of Kubernetes or you’ve done open-source contributions to a CNCF project.
  • Good understanding of cloud native application architectures and cloud-concepts like high availability, scalability, etc.
  • Knowledge of containerization technologies, in particular container images and their life-cycle including multi-stage builds, registries, etc.
  • Knowledge of common software design and architectural patterns and the ability to design and document complex software solutions.
  • Understanding and experience of CI/CD tools such as Concourse or Jenkins.
  • Experience with Git and related version control workflows.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Go Programming Language and the Operator Framework, or ability and willingness to learn them in depth (as well as other languages and frameworks if the need arises).
  • Experience in deploying and managing Kubernetes Clusters and complete Kubernetes Stacks , e.g. with automation tools like Cluster API.
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience with IaaS platforms such as Amazon Web Services.
  • Knowledge of one or more data services such as PostgreSQL, Redis, and others.
  • Good written and oral communication skills in English.

What you can contribute

  • Several years of professional experience as developer / in computer science in a similar IT environment

  • Practical experience in the application of agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban as well as the confident use of Scrum-specific tools (we use Jira)

  • High motivation, interest and commitment, especially with regard to own growth and thus strengthening the team

  • Good communication and presentation skills as well as a distinctive ability to work in a team

  • Strong strategic and analytical thinking paired with the ability for a good prioritization and self-organization of your own tasks

  • Help us to drive the growth of the team and of our product!

What we are offering

Flexibility: You can choose your individual workplace and organize your flexible work time. Including working remotely from home.

Further Training: You can choose further training offers – according to tasks or for soft-skills. For example German or English training in small groups during your work time or visit conferences and meetups of your choice, in order to extend your knowledge and broaden your network. You can also contribute to and gain knowledge from our internal knowledge platform (anynines Learn).

Family and Professional Life: Profit from our family friendly and family like atmosphere. We also give the opportunity to work part-time, let us know if that’s what you wish during the recruiting process.

Work Surroundings: A remarkably innovative enterprise growing sustainably in a dynamic market, a company that has maintained its agile startup spirit. We foster and appreciate independent and free thinking.