The UKHC Insurance Authorization team is currently seeking an Insurance Authorization Specialist to provide standardization, quality, expertise and customer service focus to four medical departments. This position will report to the Director of Payer Authorization and will have frequent contact with customers/patients, faculty, physicians, and University personnel. The role will work with third party payers and providers to ensure payment of tests and procedures prior to administration of test and/or procedures.

Duties for this position include confirming all necessary information needed to properly perform and identify billing information needed to maintain compliance with institutional, state, and federal practices. This position will work with third party payers and providers while obtaining and sharing current guidelines. Basic coding knowledge and proficiency in medical terminology is recommended, and excellent customer service skills are required.

Primary responsibilities will include obtaining pre-certification and pre-authorization of test and medication requests by medical providers as well as working with medical providers to find suitable alternatives to tests or medications that do not meet pre-certification or pre-authorization requirements. This position will require the ability to sit for long periods of time and work in a fast-paced environment. The qualified individual must enjoy working in a team-oriented environment and be able to communicate with a diverse patient/customer population.