We are on a mission here at Inside.com to make people smarter — join us!
We publish newsletters focusing on business, tech, and venture capital news. We host events and we are building a community.
We are a small, fully remote team of passionate builders, entrepreneurs, and MBAs. This is a position where you will learn a lot very quickly and will have ample opportunity to grow and try new things.
In this position, you will read today’s news from a range of general and industry publications, pick 7-8 news stories that pique your interest and would prove to be interesting for our audience, conduct a deep dive into the relevant data, summarize the information concisely, and publish.
If you consume information from sources such as WaitButWhy, The Knowledge Project, SlateStarCodex, Daniel Kahneman, business bios, Sam Harris, Brain Pickings, Freakonomics, Tim Ferris, Grammar Girl, and similar fare, you will love this job!
We are currently hiring folks with experience covering these industries
  • Transportation
  • Security
  • Business
  • Venture Capital
  • Technology
  • Dev
What we’re looking for
  • Subject matter expertise on the industry (here are the topics we cover)
  • Ability to quickly find & understand information online
  • Ability to think critically and write simply
  • Ability and willingness to host/moderate live events and engage our community of readers/subscribers
  • An understanding of mental models and the leading theories on thinking
  • An insatiable appetite to learn more, think from first principles, and question everything
The details
  • 100% remote (full- or part-time position)
  • Fulltime Salary: $50,000
  • Competitive benefits package
Still reading? Apply!

To be considered you must apply here: https://inside.breezy.hr/p/dd7f14f20e4d-newsletter-writer