About BodyShop Booster
After years of being frustrated by software providers that have agendas that hurt more than help body shops, our founders decided to build simple technology that is designed with the sole purpose of helping body shops grow their business and simplify the customer repair experience. Most shops struggle to get the “right” repairs that will increase net profit. BodyShop Booster is a system that automates leads from multiple sources like OEMs, Dealers, Insurance Companies, and Agents. The automated sales system inside Booster will sell the estimate and perform the follow-up to influence the customers to purchase the repair.

About the Sales Lead position
We are looking for a high-performing Sales Lead. The successful candidate will meet our customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives.
Ideally, we’re looking for a Sales Lead who has experience in:
  • Selling for/managing a sales team remotely
  • Multiple sales styles and channels
  • Overseeing and pushing results for sales processes
  • Developing key growth sales strategies, tactics, and action plans
  • Managing a sales team
Experience selling software products and/or experience in the auto body industry is welcome, but not required.
Sales Lead responsibilities are:
  • Hitting and exceeding annual sales targets
  • Running product demos in 1:1 sessions with potential customers
  • Implementing and executing strategic plans
  • Building and maintaining good customer relationships
  • Communicating effectively among clients and higher managers
  • Documenting data related to sales
  • Understanding category-specific landscapes and trends

Sales Lead requirements are:
  • Previous experience in sales and team management
  • Effective communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Proven ability to maximize sales
  • Great listening, negotiation, organizational and presentation skills
  • Flexible work schedules and have experience delivering online.
  • Hands on experience with tools like G-Suite, Slack, Zoom, etc.
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