Are You A Tech-Savvy Executive  Assistant With WordPress Support Experience?
Tell me if this sounds like you…
You’ve been an Executive Assistant for a few years now. You’re great at what you do but you’re ready for a new challenge. 
You want something that:
  • Offers opportunity for growth
  • Let’s you use your experience in providing content marketing support
  • Gives you ownership of your work without being micromanaged
If this is you, this role might be exactly what you’re looking for.
This page could literally change the course of your career. But only if you keep reading.
First, though, a little bit about us…

Who We Are
At Girl’s Guide To Project Management, we provide practical solutions and easy-to-use templates to help people manage projects more successfully. 
Our blog began when we realized that there weren’t enough women writing and speaking about project management, although there were plenty working very hard at it. 
So we decided to voice the female perspective lacking in the Project Management world. 
Now, ten years, multiple awards, +1,000 articles and six published books later, we need a steady hand to help keep everything running smoothly.
And that’s where you come in.
You’ll be our Director’s Executive Assistant and right hand man or woman. Her name is Elizabeth and she needs your help in organizing the content we put out into the world, primarily using WordPress.
She’s also counting on your creativity and foresight to spot opportunities for improvement and further growth.
But what’s in it for you? Why would you want to join us?

6 Reasons To Join A Girl’s Guide To Project Management As An Executive Assistant
1. Be The Right-Hand To An Experienced Blogger And Published Author
Elizabeth has been blogging since 2006. She has over 20 years’ experience as a project and program manager. 
In addition to running the award-winning A Girl’s Guide To Project Management blog, she also mentors project managers through the Project Management Rebels group program. And directs Otobos Consultants Ltd, a project communications consultancy specialising in copywriting for project management firms
As you can tell, Elizabeth has a lot on her plate. So we’re counting on you to help keep her organized and focused on the things that matter most. 
If you enjoy lifting others and helping them succeed, here’s your opportunity to do so.
2. Stability You Can Count On
Most new companies have huge ambitions – and little or no revenue.
If you’ve spent months or years of your life in an exciting new company that never really took off, you already know how frustrating that can be.
You don’t have to worry about that with us because we’re a mature business that’s been around for over 10 years.
Hiring you as our Executive Assistant is a long-term investment in you and our company. And as long as you excel at what you do, we want you to stay with us for as long as possible.
If job stability is a priority for you, we’re a great match.
3. Take Ownership Of Your Work
We don’t believe in hand-holding, and frankly, Elizabeth doesn’t have the time for it. She’ll explain what needs to be done and trust you to do it.
If you rely on others always telling you how to solve issues then this is NOT the job for you. 
This role IS for someone that’s passionate about finding the best solutions to interesting problems while anticipating the problems we don’t yet see coming.
Don’t get us wrong. We do offer support and some established processes to follow. But we’re trusting you to make the right decisions even when the path forward isn’t obvious.
If you’re up for it, then you’d be a great fit.
4. Grow With Us
The market is ripe with opportunities for us to reach more people and increase our revenue. But until now, we haven’t had the manpower to grow our business as big as we’d like to. 
We have a lot to share and thousands of people to help with our content. As our first full-time employee, you’ll play a crucial role in making that happen. 
If you excel in your role, you’ll be part of the ambitious vision we have for our company. And we want you to stay with us long-term.
So if you want a job with growth potential, this is it.
5. Build An Always-In-Demand Skill Set
There are more than 500 million blogs out there. Blogging is a pillar of the digital economy and anyone with skills in this area – especially with WordPress – will be in-demand for decades to come. 
And you can be one of them.
Most bloggers, especially successful ones, rely on someone with skills like yours to help  
deliver their content and connect with as many people as possible. 
And since you’ll also be working in the project management and consulting space, you’ll develop a killer skill set even after just a few months with us.
Sounds enticing? We want you on our team!
6. Work Remotely With A Flexible Schedule
As our Executive Assistant, you’ll have the freedom to design a schedule which allows you to do your best work on your time. 
You’re free to work from any timezone as long as you can meet for 30 mins once a week between 9 and 3 UK time. 
Don’t get us wrong, you’ll be expected to complete all of your tasks on time. And meeting them won’t always be easy. But we don’t impose a strict schedule because we trust that you’ll get things done.
If these conditions work for you, then join our team!

What Will You Do As Our Executive Assistant?
  • Schedule and format blog posts on WordPress and maintain the website
  • Schedule campaigns on email marketing platforms (we use ConvertKit and have dedicated SOPs for it – so we don’t expect you to be an email automation expert when you start out)
  • Create basic graphic images on tools like Canva or Picmonkey 
  • Help support client projects on our project management tool (we use Airtable)
  • Schedule and post content on our Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook accounts
  • Proactively seek networking and PR opportunities as well as new avenues for growth
  • Develop and improve our best practices and SOPs
  • Other general administrative tasks

Here’s What We Expect From You
  • You have at least 2 years of an executive assistant or administrative experience
  • You have worked with WordPress in the past
  • You’re comfortable working in a low direction environment
  • It’d be great if you had familiarity with Airtable, Trello, Asana or similar project management tools 
  • Experience with email marketing platforms like ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, or MailChimp is preferred but not required
  • Experience with design tools like Canva or PicMonkey is preferred but not required
We’re based in the UK and you’re free to work from any timezone.
The starting salary for this role is USD 1,200 – 2,000/month.
This is a full-time position, and we expect your complete focus and dedication.