Are You A Master Growth Strategist Hungry For Your Next Leadership Opportunity? 
If you’re looking for a role where you can: 
  • Scale an awesome company that makes a true difference in people’s lives  
  • Lead world-class marketers
  • Not worry about work-life balance becoming an issue
Then this page could literally change the course of your career. But only if you keep reading.
First, though, a little bit about us.

Who We Are
At Flux Academy, we’re on a mission to create the best design school online. 
We help web designers around the globe make a great living from their creativity and passion. With us, they learn how to design better websites, build custom websites without code, and find more clients.
And we’ve been incredibly successful at it. In just two years, we’ve:
  • Generated more than $3,000,000 in sales without raising capital or spending money on ads
  • Enrolled over 4,600 students in our design school
  • Grown our YT channel to 280k subscribers 
  • Attracted 113k Instagram followers  
But we won’t stop here. We’re now ready to 10X our business. 
That’s where your expertise comes in.
As our Head Of Growth, you’ll be in charge of exploding our revenue by increasing our student enrollments (and re-enrollments) at a predictable and sustainable rate. And to make this happen, we’re counting on you to:
  • Plan, execute, and iterate marketing campaigns at a rapid pace
  • Strike the right balance between strategy and tactics to make near-term plans and execute them well enough
  • Prefer taking action instead of overthinking
It’s a BIG ask.
So what’s in it for you, and why would you want to join us?

7 Reasons To Join Flux Academy As Our Head Of Growth 
1. Scale An Awesome Company
Our online education platform helps web designers build the skills necessary to succeed as independent freelancers.
With over 4,600 students worldwide, we’re empowering people to make a living doing what they love.
For a lot of our students, the courses we provide are genuinely life-changing. 
Because what they learn with us gives them the freedom to choose how they work and who they work for. And we think that’s pretty awesome!
Your marketing efforts will help bring that freedom to as many people as possible. So if that’s something you’d like to, we’d love to have you on the team.
2. Let Your Expertise Shine
Congratulations, you’ll be our first hire in the marketing department. And you’ll be in charge of hiring and leading a world-class team of creatives to bring our ambitions to life. 
You’ll report directly to our founder and CEO, Ran Segall. He’ll share his vision and rely on you to determine the best path forward. 
There won’t be any hand-holding or micromanaging here. On the contrary, you’ll become one of Ran’s trusted advisors. 
He’ll trust you to make your own decisions and drive your team towards the most important measure of success: driving sales.
Does taking on this responsibility excite you? Then we want to work with you.
3. No Spammy Marketing Tactics
We believe in marketing that serves but doesn’t disturb. If hardcore direct-response marketing is your thing, then this isn’t the role for you.
Instead, we believe in leading with value. 
We want to be of service to our community, and this value-first approach has fueled our massive growth. So we expect that our marketing will reflect these values.
Building long-term relationships with our students is the key to us becoming the best design school online. And that starts with intentional, data-driven and customer-focused marketing.
If you share these values, then we’d love for you to join us!
4. Inspire A Culture Of Experimentation
Companies that experiment the most can innovate the best. And at Flux Academy, we’re not afraid to experiment our way to the top. 
We don’t have all the answers, and we know that you don’t either. But we’re committed to exploring new tools and new paths to get to where we’re going. 
In Jeff Bezos’ words, experimentation inevitably leads to many failures and the occasional home run. 
You’ll be our chief experimenter, and you’ll challenge the team to hit as many home runs as possible.
And when we do find success, we won’t stop there. Because you can always drive more sales and increase conversion rates, right? 
If this sounds like you, then you’d be an excellent fit for this role!
5. Stability You Can Count On
We’re a young company, but you don’t have to worry about whether or not we’ll be around next year.
We’ve been profitable since our early days. And we have money in the bank, so we’re not relying on the next bank loan or investment round to keep going.
Hiring you as our Head Of Growth is a long-term investment in you and our business. And as long as you excel at what you do, we want you to stay with us for as long as possible.
Join us and enjoy a unique mix of stability and fast growth.
6. Lead World-Class Marketers
Our marketing will only be as good as the marketers on our team. 
So you’ll make sure that we have the smartest, leanest, and most talented marketing team in the world to carry out your strategic vision. 
It’ll be your job to keep them focused on the right things at the right time and drive the results that matter most: sales.
If you’re up to it, come on over and make it happen!
7. Incredible Benefits
We’re a performance-driven and ambitious team. But your work-life balance is just as important. 
It’s only when you’re at your mental and physical best that you can do your best work, and that’s precisely what we want. Here are the perks of working at Flux Academy:
  • 6 weeks paid vacation (after 6 months on the team, 2 in the first 6 months)
  • 2 weeks of sick leave per year, including mental health days
  • $2,800 yearly gear budget (after the first 3 months)
  • $1,000 annual learning budget for books/courses/conferences (after the first 3 months)
  • Team retreat when it’s possible to fly to exotic places
  • Plans for future profit sharing 

Here’s What We Expect From You
  • You’ve successfully scaled an online learning, digital marketing, or e-commerce start-up to at least 7-figures (ideally, 8-figures)
  • You can tackle complex challenges with BOTH clear strategies and thorough execution
  • You have experience in small scrappy teams where roles change fast
  • You have a love for numbers, and you know how to transform data into actionable insight
  • You have experience building and managing a team 
  • Experience with email marketing and/or paid traffic is ideal but not mandatory 
  • You’re comfortable giving constructive feedback and steering others in the right direction
  • You’re customer-obsessed and want to learn everything there is to know about our students
Our HQ is based in Israel. We’re looking for someone who can work during our typical GMT+3 business hours. We expect at least 4 hours of overlap between our workdays. 
The salary range for this position is $70k-$150k.
This is a full-time position, and we expect your complete focus and dedication.