We’re looking for a full-stack PHP web developer with strong skills, and diverse experience to work in some of our web applications. The position is focused on backend, but frontend experience is desired.

The Job
You would be working mainly on one of our many web applications, but also on secondary web applications as the pipeline allows. The work would be done on top of Laravel and some of our custom framework. We have dozens of 3rd party integrations in our code and some refactoring work is involved with these 3rd parties as well as general code base evolutions. We rely on AWS for many of our features, so you would be working with their APIs constantly.
The workload is usually balanced between new features/tweaks and maintenance work. You would start small to get a better understanding of how everything works together and build your way up to the bigger issues.
You would be working with an all-remote team that’s used to getting work done through text-based channels (defined backlogs, wikis, and Slack conversations).
For reference, some keywords for technologies we use: Laravel, AWS (many products), Twilio, Stripe, Redis, Google APIs, Dropbox APIs.

Web developers have different strengths in different areas. Here are some of the categories we would assess candidates based on. Strength in one area can offset weakness in another.
  • Core PHP knowledge and experience with production environments
  • Laravel knowledge
  • Experience scaling production setups a plus 
  • Experience with 3rd-party API integrations such as AWS, Twilio, and Stripe
  • Ideally, some frontend experience to help us evolve our current workflows and structure

This is a remote position. We’re used to working as a dispersed team so you must be cool with collaborating online. We’re flexible on schedules. Please include links to previous works and/or portfolio. Individuals ONLY. No recruiters or agencies please.

Please include your desired salary requirements. (Fine if it’s a range, but posting a job here is like drinking from a firehose because we get such a variety of candidates)(We don’t have a specific budget for the position, we’ll pick the best candidate and splurge if needed)