EnquireLabs is a leading question analytics platform for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) and E-commerce brands. Backed by top strategic partners and angel investors in the E-commerce space, we’re pursuing nimble and sustainable growth in pursuit of a customer relationship revolution – we call it Direct From Consumer.

Why we need you

We’re a small team building a platform that has seen tremendous customer growth in the last year. That growth has opened up new challenges & opportunities, so we’re eagerly seeking an additional teammate who can accelerate our development velocity along the roadmap of wants & needs our customers have laid out.
In short, you get to be the answer to our customers’ favorite question: “What’s coming next?”
What you’ll be working on
As an Elixir software engineer, you’ll sit alongside our technical co-founder and play an integral role in platform development. Here are just a few of the exciting opportunities that will be part of the dev roadmap:
  • Collaborate with the founding team to design the future of the product.
  • Design a highly reliable architecture based on Elixir, OTP, and the BEAM.
  • Improve DevOps, including deployment and testing strategies and application monitoring
  • Ownership of the entire technical stack, and direct input into technology and architecture decisions.
  • Work with emerging technologies in Elixir: we’re running Phoenix LiveView in production.
  • Collaborate with our database engineer to design performant queries and database schemas to support our analytics reporting.
  • Support the CEO and marketing team to implement tools and technologies that give them insight into our customers, business health, and growth.
  • Help shape our engineering practices and methodologies.
  • Develop documentation to support customers and consumers of our upcoming SDK
  • Design and develop SDK, helping EnquireLabs connect with customers outside of the Shopify ecosystem.
  • Design and integrate our new billing system and payment processors.
  • Help us grow our engineering team. We’re striving to create an engineering organization that values diversity and unique perspectives.
  • A strong communicator. As a small team, clear and concise communication is essential to our continued success. If you get a thrill from writing great documentation and enjoy pitching your ideas and solutions through prose, you’ll probably be a good fit.
  • Self-directed, but not an individual contributor. In a company our size, everyone wears multiple hats. We’re passionate about decentralized, end-to-end ownership, but we also value deep collaboration.
  • Strong prioritization. Software engineering is always about finding the balance between “perfect” and “ready to ship”. Work with the team to manage project scope and identify high-value initiatives that can be executed quickly while also maintaining good code quality.
  • At least three years of professional software development experience. We run on Elixir, but deep knowledge of the language is not a hard requirement. Elixir or Erlang experience is great, but we’re also willing to invest in someone who’s willing to learn.
  • Someone who’s curious. We believe that some of the best solutions can come from exploring ideas outside of our day-to-day work.
  • As part of a small team, you’ll be involved in all aspects of our operations.
  • Transparency. We believe being upfront and open is a competitive edge.
  • Remote/WFH friendly. If you’re in the New York metro area, we’d love to have you in the office. If you’re not, that’s no problem; we just need some working day overlap with the Eastern time zone (GMT-5)
  • Competitive salary. We pay based on your skills & experience, not your geography.
  • Three weeks of actual vacation.
  • A supportive team that wants you to succeed personally and professionally.
  • Sane working hours. We’re focused on outcomes, not counting hours. We trust that everyone is working on what’s important and can get their work done without constant check-ins. Though speed is crucial, we won’t ask you to pull all-nighters or work weekends unless it’s an absolute emergency.
  • Asynchronous by default. No endless streams of Slack notifications here. We value deep work and know that constant interruptions can make work a nightmare. We prefer thoughtful communication and don’t expect immediate replies. We do, however, enjoy the occasional ad hoc video call for brainstorming and occasional pair programming sessions as an opportunity to connect and share.